Valentine39s Day Quebecers want to celebrate but are spending less

Valentine's Day: Quebecers want to celebrate, but are spending less

More Quebecers will shop for Valentine's Day this year but spend less money than in 2023, according to a survey by the Conseil québécois du Commerce de Retail (CQCD).

The survey released Tuesday found that 34% of Quebecers plan to make purchases this holiday, compared to 26% last year.

However, respondents estimate they will spend an average of $178, compared to $278 spent on Valentine's Day in 2022. “That would be a decline of 35% in two years,” the CQCD emphasized in its study.

The survey also shows that more women (35%) are considering a purchase than men (30%).

Additionally, 42% of young people ages 18 to 24 plan to spend money on Valentine's Day, compared to 35% of those ages 35 to 44 and 22% of people ages 65 and older.

Couples with children at home plan to spend the most on the event (47%), compared to 38% for couples without children and 25% for single parents with children.

The survey was conducted Jan. 24-29 among 1,027 people in Quebec.