Vanessa Claudio prevails with the bandage style in the lilac

Vanessa Claudio prevails with the bandage style in the lilac top and pants look

Vanessa Claude He has stood out on the small screen and on social networks by wearing the best trends and it was this Wednesday’s broadcast of the program “To the limit“with which the driver caught on with the bandage stylereferred to as garments that fit like a bandage, which he wore with a purple appearance, the color of the season, in a flirty set top and pants.

The Puerto Rican rose to fame in Mexico a few years ago as the host of “Venga la Alegría”, standing out from the hosts for her beauty and style, which she now shows from her official network accounts, giving a fashion class to many women over 30 years old as it undoubtedly shows that she is one of the best dressed on TV with her modern and youthful outfits.

Vanessa Claudio impresses with the lilac look

Claudia She stood out on the TV Azteca evening program, giving fashion classes for the spring-summer season and captivating her millions of fans on the networks and on television with her outfit, because in the show she looked fresh and with a fitted outfit of two chic off pieces that she used to highlight her beauty and confirmed that she has a slim and curvaceous silhouette, an outfit that echoes her official account Instagram and Twitter.

Vanessa conquers in a flirtatious lilac look. Photo: TW @VZCR

“But just look at how much beauty! And the best thing is that you can now enjoy it in its entirety live in #AlExtremo. Join us!” read the text, which the show shared a photo with on its official network accounts Image in which the beautiful Puerto Rican woman poses wearing tight waisted pants with a structured cup top.

Additionally, the host shared more pictures on Instagram and Twitter, writing, “I’m already in another I don’t know about you (purple heart emoji)… Look: @piel.morenaboutique / @beatrizayaladm Makeup: @dormaka_makeup hairstyle : @patyuvita_hairstyle Photo: @ jooongc” and “Hello… It was really hot now, wasn’t it?” Posts that garnered him thousands of “likes” and hundreds of comments.

vanessaThe 39-year-old showed his look and, like on other occasions, prevailed with it bandage stylewhich refers to garments made of elastic nylon or lycra bands and have in common that they define the silhouette and although it is mainly used in dresses, the presenter has now shown it on a set purple pants and topwhich caused a sensation among his fans.

The driver impresses with her very severe appearance. Photo: IG @alextremotv

vanessa Before coming to television, she competed in the Miss Intercontinental 2006 pageant where she did not win the crown, but she was the first finalist and won the Miss Congeniality award, as she has always conquered with her charisma. Due to her interest in the small screen, she entered the Center for Studies in Azteca Actoral Training (Cefat), which made her one of the most popular and well-known morning show hosts.come joy“.

The host left TV Azteca’s morning show to try her luck in the United States and other countries, returning to the land of the Aztecs in 2022. She expressed her happiness to return to the television network that gave her her first opportunities, as she said on her social networks by joining “To the limit”a program in which, together with her colleagues Carlos Quirarte and Uriel Estrada, she impresses with her beauty and the best looks.

The beautiful Puerto Rican exudes style. Photo: IG @vanessaclaudio


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