Venezuela questions the inability to stop the massacre in

| Venezuela questions the inability to stop the massacre in the Palestinian territories

Venezuela questions the inability to stop the massacre in

The death toll has risen to nearly 30,000 since Israel began fighting on October 7.
attacking the Palestinian people, to this day. Photo: Archive/RHC

Havana, February 27 (RHC) Venezuelan Foreign Minister Yán Gil described this Tuesday in Geneva as shameful the current inability of the international system to stop the ongoing massacre and massive violation of human rights against the Palestinian people.

Speaking at the 55th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC), the senior diplomat denounced that these criminal acts were being committed “without taking into account the holy of holies of every people, every family, every father and every child.” ” : Children”.

Gil reiterated that “the future of an entire people will be wiped out with impunity” in the face of the complicit silence of a “paralyzing and incapacitated” international bureaucracy.

He said that the same bureaucracy, however, is very active in attacking and slandering sovereign countries like Venezuela by exploiting human rights at will.

The head of Venezuelan diplomacy stressed that the world continues to observe the spread of deep inequalities, disparities and exclusions, with hegemonic countries that maintain their plans of domination and exploitation towards the peoples of the South.

He explained that they call for the imposition of “unilateral, illegal, criminal and coercive coercive measures” against economies and peoples, blocking access to food, medicine, essential goods and services and impairing the full enjoyment of the human rights of millions of people. from people.

“Venezuela has been the victim of nearly a thousand criminal sanctions and other impositions that have been used as a means to destroy its economy and unsuccessfully force regime change, and he stressed that this is in blatant violation of international law,” he noted.

He added that losses from these acts amounted to more than $232 billion over the last decade.

The Chancellor described the acts as a crime against humanity and added that despite the complaint being lodged with the International Criminal Court, it took four years without a decision.

He stressed that although the Human Rights Council has repeatedly condemned the imposition of these “cruel measures” because of their disproportionate negative effects, the main proponents of illegality have so far not changed “their perverse behavior.” (Source: Prensa Latina)