Venezuela's working class reiterates its support for the government of Nicolás Maduro (+photo)

After three days of debate, reflection and coordination, workers reaffirmed in a proclamation their commitment to defend the Bolivarian Revolution from the internal attacks of the national right, pseudo-unionists and US imperialism.

The President of the Bolivarian Socialist Workers' Central, Wills Rangel, pointed out that the meeting discussed the seven transformation initiatives proposed by President Nicolás Maduro, the five consensuses and the 16 engines to strengthen the economy.

Rangel explained that they have agreed to conduct a nationwide tour and hold meetings with the bases, youth, women and the entire civil-military coalition of the nation with the aim of strengthening and revitalizing them and so on To ensure the continued existence of the trade union movement during the revolution.

And confront, he said, the “paid union members,” stateless people, who seek to extract income from workers. Rely on this vanguard and our organizational form of Workers' Productive Councils, he emphasized.

Venezuela39s working class reiterates its support for the government ofVenezuela39s working class reiterates its support for the government of

Maduro spoke by telephone to union leaders and youth and acknowledged the crucial role of the working class, “even more so when we talk about a revolution,” he noted.

He emphasized that together they knew how to defeat the onslaught of imperialism and assured that “this will never be possible with a workers’ president.” “I know I have your support and love,” he said.

The President stated that as a class we must “strengthen the economic performance of the country” and called for the working class to be the pillar of the economic recovery process, the diversified economy and the high-performing economy.

We must meet soon, he affirmed, proposing to draw up a timetable “so that we can see the path 2024-2030” and set the short, medium and long-term goals.

Maduro proposed, in addition to strengthening unions and associations, implementing a dynamic of collective reflection, action and deeper and more efficient organization; “We’re going to redesign everything,” he said.

The President stated that the strength of the workers is their strength and thanked them for all the support they gave him in the most difficult conditions they have endured.