1664775384 Very true Alena Seredova Youll never see me like this

Very true Alena Seredova: “You’ll never see me like this”, torpedo against Buffon

Very true Alena Seredova Youll never see me like this

Alena Seredova was a guest Sylvia toffanine in the living room of very correct, on Canale 5. The Czech showgirl obviously spoke about her private life, starting with her relationship with Alessandro Nasi, who proposed to her that she didn’t expect. Having gone through very complicated moments in the past, Seredova has found serenity and happiness for several years.

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Thanks to the new partner, but above all the birth of his daughter Vivienne Charlotte, which changed for the better for the showgirl. “I’ve always had new surprises over the past few years – he confided to Toffanin – it all started two years ago with the arrival of little Vivy, then the marriage proposal, which I didn’t really expect.” The organization for the summer of next year is already underway: “We’re thinking about how to organize the wedding, we just want to have fun. I have to find something that doesn’t make me look ridiculous. It won’t be in Prague, but probably in southern Italy. I’d like a weekend with friends and family.”

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In addition, Seredova reserved a dig at her ex-husband Gigi Buffon: “I was always polite, for me a broken glass broke. Even if it’s broken, that doesn’t mean I can’t have a civil relationship with him. but certainly not, you will never see a picture of them all together under the tree”.