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Viareggio, Miss Italy Lavinia Abate and Neri Marcorè Guests of the carnival: 500,000 euros proceeds LA NAZIONE

Viareggio, February 19, 2023 – Fourth Parade of the Viareggio Carnival today, February 19, At avenues to the sea. They attended the event Miss Italy Lavinia Abateand the actor Neri Marcorewho was awarded the Burlamacco d’Oro prize in 2018 and who, with her voice, interpreted the carnival promo for national television together with Viareggio actress Stefania Sandrelli.

Along with the allegorical floats and the masquerades, the Radio M2o float drove up. Outside the circuit, in Piazzale Margherita, a protest demonstration was held against the presence of military bands in the carnival parade.

The demonstrators, who collected 1016 signatures on this, brought the “ribbon of peace” to life.

Surpassed the €500,000 collection and scored one goal new participant record compared to the previous Sunday, for the fourth masked course of the Viareggio Carnival, in the 150th anniversary edition, taking place this afternoon on the avenues by the sea. Many celebratory people rushed to admire the competition floats.

Present at the event Miss Italy 2022 Lavinia Abate, who had never attended the Viareggio Carnival. There was also the actor Neri Marcorè, who received the Burlamacco d’oro in 2018. “In view of the excellent results – says the President of the Carnival Foundation Maria Lina Marcucci – it would be nice to do an encore next year”.

The next mask courses are scheduled for Tuesday 21st and Saturday 25th February with the announcement of the winners and the final fireworks to set the date for the 2024 edition.