VIDEO Alfredo Adame causes major excitement by passionately kissing a

VIDEO: Alfredo Adame causes major excitement by passionately kissing a man on the mouth "The Divaza" | The House of the Famous 4

There was controversy “The House of the Famous 4” Due to the scandals in which some of the participants were involved, the controversy before its premiere was not long in coming. The moment when the Alfredo Adame Stars in one passionate Moment with the Venezuelan influencer “The Divaza”.

Alfredo Adame kisses “La Divaza”

The new season of the reality show started this Tuesday, January 23, with great expectations due to the success that the edition had in Mexico Wendy Guevaranow the controversy suggests that Alfredo Adame is one of the figures who will give people something to talk about and this was confirmed on the first day of coexistence when he accepted the challenge of his companions, Pedro Figueira, known as “, one to give a kiss to “La Divaza”.

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Alfredo Adame kisses “La Divaza” at the wedding. Photo: Screenshot X @lacomadritaof_

In the clip it is observed that other celebrities like Daniela Alexis, “Babeshita”She asks the Venezuelan influencer to give him a kiss former host of “Hoy”, which he agrees to when he gives his consent because he was afraid of being beaten. Adame doesn't hesitate to join in the commotion and agrees to give his scene partner a kiss, for which he immediately orders him: “Close your eyes and stop.”

Participants of “The House of the Famous 4”

The new season began with 23 contestants who will compete for the prize of $200,000, just over 3 million Mexican pesos. The reality show's first winner was actress and former Miss Universe Alicia Machado; In the second edition, the winner went to Ivonne Montero and the third went to Puerto Rican model Madison Anderson.

The occasion was attended by celebrities such as Robbie Mora, Clovis Nienow, Sophie Durand, Alana Lliteras, Leslie Gallardo, Lupillo Rivera, Rodrigo Romeh, “Bebeshita”, Silvia del Valle, Gregorio Pernía, Carlos Gómez, “La Divaza”, Mariana González, Guty Carrera, José Reyes, Cristina Porta, Maripily Rivera, Fernando Lozada and Thalí García.

“La Divaza” among the participants of “La Casa de los Famosos 4”. Photo: IG @ladivaza