Video Crash of a Russian military aircraft Moscow says it

Video. Crash of a Russian military aircraft: Moscow says it is publishing the first images of the crash site southwest

In a nearly 40-second video from the Russian Investigative Committee, which is responsible for the “terrorism” investigation initiated by Moscow, several shots of a forest area and a snow-covered field can be seen. We can see several fallen trees and a large piece of crumpled sheet metal, but no trace of the huge carcass of the Il-76 military aircraft, whose length reaches almost 50 meters.

On the ground, in the snow, the video shows hard-to-identify debris and the human remains of one or two bodies, out of focus, as well as some traces of blood. AFP could not immediately determine where the video was filmed or when it was recorded.

Kyiv does not confirm this

According to Russia, Ukraine on Wednesday shot down a Russian military plane with 65 Ukrainian prisoners on board who were due to be exchanged that day. In the video released by Russian investigators there is no direct evidence of the presence of these Ukrainian prisoners.

For its part, Ukraine, which remains cautious in the face of this episode, has not confirmed the downing of the plane, but has stressed its desire to continue attacking military targets on Russian territory. Ukrainian Military Intelligence (GUR) noted the lack of “reliable and complete information” about the plane’s passengers.