Video Crocodiles That Would Be on Florida Streets After Hurricane

Video: Crocodiles That Would Be on Florida Streets After Hurricane Ian Blu Radio

Hurricane Ian hit the state coast Florida, United States, which caused various emergencies such as damaged houses or flooded streets. Although the inhabitants of this region have become accustomed to living with wild animals, the presence of crocodiles has increased.

After Ian’s arrival on the Florida coast, many of the roads were affected by flooding implying the presence of crocodiles, but footage exists where other species, such as sharks, would have been recorded.

many users in it tick tock, Residents of the area shared videos showing giant animals on the street in front of their homes as if it were a jungle area.

Miami’s El Nuevo Herald pointed out that the roads are confused with the canals, even the use of vans is necessary since cars have inconveniences, they also highlighted the presence of crocodiles and what some citizens are doing to face the situation : “If you stay close to the carports and away from the swamps, you can be safe,” one woman told a reporter trying to fight his way through the flooded streets.

On the other hand, the toilets have also been affected, as the sewage district asked citizens to “act discreetly” when emptying the toilets, as the flooding has taken a toll on the sewers.

In addition, images of sharks traveling through certain flooded sectors have also been released.

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