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VIDEO | “I was often afraid of dying”: alleged victim of domestic violence, she tells her story – Noovo Info

Warning: This text contains images that may be shocking to some readers.

The alleged victim of domestic violence spoke on Tuesday to Noovo Info journalist Marie-Michelle Lauzon and decided to denounce the barbaric acts of her ex-spouse Jérémy Gosselin, who is actively wanted by the police. Longueuil Agglomeration Police (SPAL) .

It happens by seeing the testimony of Laury Choinière, who was allegedly violently beaten by her ex-partner, that Ms. Viola decided to share her story. Unfortunately, her story is similar to that of the young woman.

“I told myself I had to do it. If we don’t do it, it gives power to men who do such things,” Ms. Viola said during an interview with Noovo Info.

Marilyn Viola said she lived completely happily with Jérémy Gosselin at the beginning of their relationship, which began more than two years ago. “He got along well with my daughters and was nice. He told me what I wanted to hear,” she remembers.

But over time, Jérémy would have revealed his true colors and began to exercise psychological violence towards her.

“He told me that I was no good, that I was worthless, that his ex was better than me. He was really mean and belittled me.”

The situation would have quickly gotten worse. In June 2022, her ex-husband is said to have raised his hand to her for the first time. A month later he is said to have brutally beaten him.

“He suffered from psychosis. He drove super fast and suffocated me in the car. He hit me and choked me. I was really scared.”

-Marilyn Viola

Under the influence of his attacker

After this incident, violence became more frequent, reports Ms. Viola, who felt under the influence of the 28-year-old.

The mother emphasizes that she didn't feel like she could end the relationship at the time.

“He had stolen my credit cards and owed me money. So if I broke up with him, I would never be able to get the money back. It gave me a reason to continue with him,” she said. Today, Ms. Viola says she has accumulated about $40,000 in debt.

Why not leave after the first episode of violence? Ms. Viola replies that fear simply took over and hoped that her ex-partner would change.

“The person confuses us and humiliates us so much that we no longer know where we are. We get confused. We no longer have any idea of ​​time, we no longer have any idea of ​​anything. We are in survival mode,” she said.

Marilyn Viola would have ended their relationship on December 8th while Jérémy would still have beaten him badly.

The 28-year-old man with a criminal history was charged Jan. 18 with assault, strangulation and criminal harassment. He faces a total of seven charges. He is currently untraceable and is actively wanted by Longueuil police.

Victims of domestic violence can contact SOS Domestic Violence Helpline at 1-800-363-9010.

Watch Marie-Michelle Lauzon's report in the video.