Video of violent attack on Nancy Pelosis husband released

Video of violent attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband released

By Le Figaro with AFP

Posted 4 hours ago, updated 3 hours ago

This publication was made at the initiative of the judge, despite the opposition of the parties, defense as prosecution. Nancy Pelosi won’t be watching her.

Video of the hammer beating on the husband of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a drama that has rocked the American political class and fueled numerous conspiracy theories, was released on Friday by order of a judge.

In these Oct. 28 images, captured by the pedestrian camera of the police officers who intervened at the Pelosi home in San Francisco, Paul Pelosi and his assailant are in the hallway, both holding the hammer for the officers to release. Forward David DePape refuses and pulls the hammer on him before slamming it into Paul Pelosi’s skull, though the impact isn’t visible in the footage. The police rush in to help the husband of the then 3rd character of the American state and try to move the attacker away from his victim on the ground, who appears to be unconscious.

After the attack, Paul Pelosi, 82, required surgery for “a fractured skull and serious injuries to his right arm and hands,” a spokesman said, and was hospitalized just a week later. The release of this video follows a decision to that effect by Judge Stephen Murphy, despite opposition from the parties, both the defense and the prosecution. Nancy Pelosi said Friday that she has no plans to view the images. “It would be extremely difficult to see my husband’s life attacked,” she told CBS.

“My first concern is for my husband’s well-being,” she said, adding that he had “made some progress” but would still need “at least three months to get home.” David DePape, a 42-year-old Canadian, former naturist activist and supporter of conspiracy theories on social media, stated that he entered the Pelosi home to attack the speaker of the House of Representatives just days before the midterm elections. Charged with, among other things, attempted murder, the man who said he intended to attack other American personalities during his interrogation denied all the allegations against him. If tried, he faces a life sentence.