Video: Paola Turbay dances to the rhythm of Karol G and Shakira and paralyzes the networks El País Cali

Television continues to capture the eyes and attention of thousands of people around the world, even as they live in a world swamped by digital platforms. Therefore, Soap operas continue to set the pace and trends for many things, including Anne of Nobody, from the RCN channel starring Paola Turbay.

The universal viceroy of beauty, model, presenter and actress has shown that despite the rise of social networks, dozens of star-stealing characters have emerged and are becoming increasingly younger.

However, against all odds, Paola is recognized not only by people over 40 or 50, but by the general public of all ages and

The actresses were seen hanging out together post-production – Photo: Instagram @paolaturbay. | Photo: Photo: Instagram @paolaturbay.

Lately, The Colombian-American was very happy as she had a few drinks and danced in the company of Adriana Arango, who plays Violetta Dávila. Who in the show is Ana’s best friend and realizes Horacio’s infidelity, her husband.

The actresses were apparently hanging out with other close people who are part of the production team, as they were all wearing a t-shirt with the production’s name (Ana de Nadie) on them, chatting and having a few drinks. You could also see the group enjoying the moment and the company.

Photo: Instagram @paolaturbay | Photo: Screenshot / Instagram / Montage

Next to, The artists on the small screen sang loudly not only about the recent success of reggaeton, but also about a rock classic in Spanish. Produced by the Enanitos Verdes, Lamento Boliviano.

“Anne of Nobody”

Although it is a remake of the TV hit lady elizabeth, in which Judy Henriquez and Luis Mesa played the main roles in 1993Paola’s angel and charisma captured audiences longing to see her again.

Paola Turbay made a confession about ‘Ana de Nadie: “It was the most uncomfortable kiss” – Photo: Instagram @paolaturbay | Photo: Screenshot / Instagram / Montage

“That was a journey into the depths of women’s sensibilities, that was the key to this project.” Personally, I grew up surrounded by women. I think that while you never get to know them, the fact of living with them helps give me a certain idea and that they are some resources that you use as a director to address such a feminine story,” explained Paula.

“I was also accompanied by very good producers who helped me understand the female world a little better,” explained the actress.

We must remember Colombia’s first viceroy’s journey through Hollywood, as she has appeared in series such as True Blood, Killer Women, Royal Pains, Californication and her outstanding lead role in Cane, a production that was canceled due to the writers’ strike that erupted in 2007 Movie Mecca. Paola herself said raising her children was the priority that made her give up her career in the United States and return to Colombia.

The actress continues to shine and is very popular with Latin American audiences as her performances are always well received on screens.