VIDEO Shakira39s stalker loses his mind during the trial

VIDEO | Shakira's stalker loses his mind during the trial "She is my wife, she is my wife"

On January 8, a man was identified as Daniel John Valtier When he was arrested outside Shakira's home, authorities reported that his arrest was due to the fact that he had been harassing her Singer and although he never had direct contact with her, his representatives decided to press charges to avoid prosecution incident. The 56-year-old man is originally from Texas and is already in the process of determining his identity assessmentbut it is his demeanor in court that is a cause for concern.

Daniel John Valtier loses his temper during the trial

The behavior of Daniel John Valtier As the trial progressed, he raised concerns as he abruptly lost control in the middle of the session. After receiving a message that he was not allowed to contact the Singerthe person exploded and shouted at the judge, claiming that this was impossible due to an alleged “loving bond” between the two.

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Shakira's stalker was arrested outside the singer's Miami mansion

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The situation caused discomfort among the jury, who expressed concern about Valtier's comments and were annoyed by his continued interruptions and his insistence on avoiding a no-contact order Colombian singer. Given this problematic behavior, the judge once again expressed concern and took additional restrictive measures by prohibiting Valtier from sending gifts to the artist. Colombianprevented him from making contact social networks with her and issued an injunction against her, in addition to increasing the fine imposed on the person to the considerable amount $100,000. These decisions were made with the aim of ensuring safety Security and well-being of the Singerand maintaining the order and integrity of the judicial process.

A video of the incident spread on social media and showed Valtier exclaiming, “We need to talk, she's my wife.”
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What charges does Shakira's alleged harasser face?

According to the authorities to the media Daniel John Valtier was arrested after being sent to the recognized officer's residence Colombian singer a series of unsolicited gifts, including chocolates and bottles of wine, between the end of 2023 and the beginning of this year. Valtier's capture was possible thanks to surveillance by the artist's security team on site social networkswhere it was obvious that the person was near the Interpreter.

The individual's behavior wasn't just limited to gifts, but also used his social media profiles to announce an alleged romance with him Shakira. In his publications, Valtier not only bragged about the gifts he sent, but also claimed to have a romantic relationship with the woman. Colombian artist. What's even more worrying is that he even expressed his intention to adopt Shakira's children, the result of her previous marriage Wedding.