VIDEO Street race people catch fire police are pushed back

[VIDÉO] Street race: people catch fire, police are pushed back by crowd

Adventure seekers and converted cars caused chaos in Austin, Texas on Saturday night.

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Hundreds of people gathered to celebrate on the street, where several cars performed street races and dangerous maneuvers.

Incendiary bombs and two firecrackers were thrown into the crowd and onto police vehicles, Web reports.

In the pictures, filmed by Oscar Cruz and posted to Instagram, the participants were licked by the flames, but fortunately did not sustain any serious injuries.

Witnesses who wanted to alert authorities waited on the phone for up to 30 minutes before being contacted by police.

The average wait time for an 911 call in Austin is about two and a half minutes.

At least one police officer was injured. The event sparked public outrage.

In a statement released on their social media, police officials said the matter was still under investigation.

Another video posted to Twitter shows the incident, with participants pushing back a police vehicle and hitting the hood.

According to the person who filmed the footage, the group weren’t happy about being interrupted by police during their party and even tried to push them away.

The incident drew comment from Texas lawmakers, who urged authorities to take more action to stop such dangerous gatherings.

State Representative Jeff Leach, a Republican, said police in the area are “underrated, underpaid and under attack.”