VIDEO War in Ukraine Zelenskyys troops prepare for counteroffensive

VIDEO. War in Ukraine: Zelenskyy’s troops prepare for counteroffensive

Posted on 5/13/2023 1:36 PM Updated on 5/13/2023 4:08 PM

Video length: 3 mins

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M. Burgot, S. Guillemot, B. Bervas, D. Padalka, V. Hryshko – France 2

France TV

Ukraine announced Saturday morning, May 13, that it had gained ground on the front lines at Bachmout. The troops prepare their counter-offensive. Report in Orichiv.

Ukrainian troops are preparing for the major offensive. In a car, a father and his son form a team. They are fighting together in the Zaporizhia region (Ukraine), one of the attacked areas. “We will both stay with my son for this offensive. I don’t know when we’ll finally be there, but we won’t part. Not before the end, i.e. victory,” admits the father.

The long wait in Orichiv

The small town of Orichiv (Ukraine), heavily bombarded by Russian artillery and air force, could be one of the attack corridors that led to the recapture. “The Russians gave us three very good lines of defence. So it’s going to be very tough. So yes, our commanders take the time to get there and win in the end,” explains one soldier. Suddenly, Russian planes appear in the sky. The faces are tense. The residents are torn between fear, expectation and hope.

“President Zelenskyy declares that in this counter-offensive he wants at all costs to avoid excessive casualties and therefore the long and painful wait in these villages very close to the front line,” concludes journalist Maryse Burgot.

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