Video: You can see that Ludmilla from BBB 24 Itatiaia sends a tip to Rodriguinho

After Rodriguinho's comments on BBB 24, singer Ludmilla sent a note to her brother on her show. The artist appeared at the last party of the reality show this Saturday (13) and the pagodeiro took the opportunity to criticize the song “Vem amor, knock não para”.

At the party, he expressed his opinion on the song: “There were guys dancing 'Hit the turkey in my face.'” Are you crazy? This is not normal for anyone. The phrase “hit me in the face with a turkey” can outrage anyone.”

Wanessa Camargo then replied: “I feel old.” The Pagodeiro persisted in his criticism. “Even if it were new, this sentence would be ugly. That phrase is not cool,” he said. “But the children like it and don’t care,” said Zezé di Camargo’s daughter.

Rodriguinho: “But these children, you know? There it is. I will never like the words “hit me in the face with the stick”, turkey, whip, stick in the face. It’ll never be cool!”

Ludmilla answers

After the controversy, Ludmilla took advantage of a show in Espírito Santo this Sunday (14) to mock the statements of her colleague. “When you get angry it's worse,” he said as he began singing the chorus: “Come, love, hit and don't stop, with the dick in my face.”