VIDEOS Susana Zabaleta explodes and asks to remove some

VIDEOS | Susana Zabaleta explodes and asks to remove some participants from her concert: "shut up…or i’ll kill you"

Suzanne Zabaleta shone in the 38th edition of the Alfonso Ortiz Tirado Festival (FAOT), celebrated every year in Álamos, one of the magical cities of the state of Sonora, the soprano conquered the participants of the “Gala Nights” that take place in the City Palace, but she also taught a lesson to some people They were in public .

Accompanied by the Sonoran Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of the teacher Hector Acostathe star spoke to those present before each piece she performed, but in one of the interventions she did not hesitate to silence those who made noise and distracted the singer, or those who, when watching the concert, what they were about she asked them to withdraw

“Who the fuck is it talking upstairs? Listen outside, there’s plenty of room to talk, it’s just you think you can’t hear yourself, but you can hear everything, we’ll make silence for you, did Have you spoken yet? Ok, outside for please, outside you can take it out, thanks,” the co-star told the person who allegedly caused the riot, as she had already issued several warnings like, “Shut up, you it is or I kill you.”

Then Susana Zabaleta continued her concert, warning people that if they don’t invite her back to the cultural event, they might find her in Mexico City, where she lives and where she also gives concerts throughout the year she is one of the most active sopranos in the country.

Susana Sabaleta’s event

But it wasn’t all a bad taste in mouth as the celebrity showed off his versatility by performing multiple tracks such as ‘Everything Happens’, ‘Bad’, ‘La vida loca’, ‘Cuando nadie me ve’ and ‘Danzón No.2’ offer” from Arturo Marqueza composer from Álamos who was among the people in the audience and witnessed this tribute, in addition to other pieces written by Manzanero, Rodolfo Páez. Maria Grever and Augustine Lara.

She was accompanied by the Sonora Philharmonic Orchestra. ISK

Always irreverent and forthright in her opinions, it should be noted that Susana was one of the celebrities who spoke out for the music of Shakira and his current single “Bzrp Music Session #53”assured that he would not condone the deception Gerard Pique to the Colombian and that it was okay for her to express her pain through music.

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