1708118664 Virginie Fortin announces excellent news

Virginie Fortin announces excellent news

Comedian and actress Virginie Fortin just made an announcement that all her fans might like!

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On her Instagram account, the new mother revealed that she is releasing a book and not just any book.

Here is the concept: Noise in the cosmos, her first-ever one-woman show, is being adapted into a novel. In fact, the story of the show is inserted through the pages of the novel, accompanied by the comedian's comments and impressions.

In a short Instagram post, Virginie explained the project, calling it a “director's cut,” which consists of explaining the origins of her ideas and the reasons why she chooses to keep a joke even if it doesn't work. .

Here is what we can read about his story:

“My first solo exhibition DU BRUIT POUR LE COSMOS will be published in book form. I added my comments and impressions to the text of the show – like a director's cut, sometimes explaining where an idea came from or why I decided to keep a joke that never worked. Thank you @ Workshop 10 is a dream come true on March 14th.”

Virginie Fortin announces excellent news

The book will be available in bookstores from March 14th.

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