Volkswagen is investing about $2 billion in a new manufacturing facility to produce the Trinity sedan.

On March 4, 2022, the supervisory board of the Volkswagen (VW) Group decided to build a new Trinity plant at a cost of around $2 billion. The resolution gave the green light to the construction of a new VW production facility in Wolfsburg-Warmenau, close to the company’s headquarters.

“Today’s decision marks a historic moment for Wolfsburg. The very roots of our company remain the driving force of the Group and become even more important,” commented Daniela Cavallo, Chairman of the General and Works Councils of the Group.

Volkswagen plans to begin construction on its new production facility as early as spring 2023. The new plant will produce VW’s all-electric Trinity sports sedan, which is expected to roll off the assembly line by 2026.

The Trinity project promises to catapult Volkswagen into the future, enabling it to compete with new car makers like Tesla. After Elon Musk showed up at the 2021 VW Leaders Summit in Alpbach, Volkswagen chairman Herbert Diess remarked that Trinity could help the company compete with Tesla’s Gigafactory in Berlin at Grünheide.

Diss emphasizes that the Tesla Giga Berlin will produce cars at an “impressive rate.” The Tesla Giga Berlin recently received environmental approval, but it must meet certain requirements before being put into service. However, once Tesla receives launch clearance, it plans to begin production of the Model Y at the Giga Berlin plant.

The Volkswagen Trinity sedan appears to be an integral part of VW’s plans to become a software-driven mobility provider. The all-electric sedan will also debut with VW’s scalable Scalable Systems Platform (SSP).

The SSP car platform will support the assembly of models of all VW brands. The SSP automotive platform is being developed at Sandkamp’s new campus. The Sandcamp campus and the new Trinity factory are located close to the main factory.

“The Trinity plant will be a model for the existing main plant and for Volkswagen as a whole. We have also agreed that we will expand our battery, charger and digitization business here in Wolfsburg, centered in Trinity. All this provides employment and ensures the coherence of the transformation in Wolfsburg,” Cavallo said.

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Volkswagen is investing about $2 billion in a new manufacturing facility to produce the Trinity sedan.