Walmart security guard killed The defendant gives his version of

Walmart security guard killed: The defendant gives his version of the facts

Accused of fatally striking a security guard in a Walmart parking lot in the spring of 2020, Nacime Kouddar told his version of the facts Thursday during his own trial.

The 28-year-old said he felt attacked and was afraid of Philippe Jean.

The argument between him and Philippe Jean began outside the store. He accuses the security guard of having harassed him several times and also of throwing racist insults at him in an arrogant tone. After responding in the same tone, Kouddar said he returned to his car to wait for his then-partner.

A few minutes later he left the premises, walked past the security guard and insulted him again.

“My intention was to have the last word. I was drooling, I had it on my mind,” he admitted.

In the surveillance camera images we can see Philippe Jean running towards his vehicle and moving towards Nacime Kouddar's. The defendant said he saw the white Lincoln SUV coming toward him at the last minute.

“If I hadn't applied the emergency brake, he would definitely have crashed into the passenger door where my girlfriend was sitting. I was scared, I wondered who this sick person was, coming into a parking lot at that speed.”

Kouddar remembers the other man getting out of his car, running towards him and inviting him to fight. He then puts the car in reverse and when he sees the victim turning around, he thinks the show is over.

The Mascouche man who was driving the Acura testified that he did not know the location and, based on his passenger's instructions, assumed the only exit was past the Lincoln-era.

As he tried to get around the SUV, he saw the security guard run in front of his car and jump on the hood.

“He hits my windshield and breaks it. I received broken glass. I was scared,” the defendant testified.

Nacime Kouddar mentioned fear several times in his statement. According to him, it was he who was attacked on April 4, 2020.

He said he did not know how Philippe Jean ended up on the ground and under cross-examination he admitted that he never looked in the rear-view mirror and was not worried about his condition.

And when he didn't call 911 between the events and the time of his arrest, the 28-year-old defended himself by saying he wanted to take the time to calm down beforehand.

“I'm not calling the police because I don't have both feet on the ground. I wasn't there mentally. My only reason for calling the police would have been to file an assault report.”

Several of the victim's family members were present during the defendant's statement. Both parties have completed their statements. They will present their arguments on Friday.