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Detail of the astronomical clock of Prague City Hall, Czech Republic.

Detail of the astronomical clock of Prague City Hall, Czech Republic. FUTURE LIGHT / © Mark Thomas/Photolibrary Getty Images

Note to readers: Betty B. Mercado, niece and collaborator of the late astrologer Walter Mercado, continues his legacy by writing horoscopes.


(March, 20th – April 18)

Aries, you will be rewarded for your efforts. Your persistence and commitment will bring you many financial benefits. Your sense of organization will help you achieve your goals. Dare to take the initiative and expect both financial and professional benefits. Buying and selling real estate is also going very well. Lucky numbers: 31, 7, 22.


(April 19th – 19th) May)

Whatever has to do with developing your spiritual abilities, contact with beings of light or scientific astrology is a brilliant aspect for you. Fill yourself with divine light and let that light shine from the inside out. Helps those seeking guidance or emotional support. Lucky numbers: 19, 1, 24.


(May 20th – 19th) in June)

You're out of the routine now, Gemini. All the energy you have accumulated within you pushes you to break with everything that limits your expression as a human being. If you are planning a move or change of residence, now is the time to put your plans into action. Any change will be of great benefit to you. Lucky numbers: 20, 32, 3.


(20th June – 21 July)

Planetary Energy encourages you to venture into business, promotes the exchange of ideas and brings a lot of activity into your professional and personal life. This is a great time to plan for the future as you will be very clear in your mind about what you want. Life crowns you with triumphs. Lucky numbers: 13, 6, 1.


(22nd of July – August 21)

You organize yourself and calm down when it comes to your sentimental world. Expect the unexpected in love. The black clouds that have darkened your sky are disappearing and now that you stand up, you stand out. If you have a partner your relationship will be strengthened and if you are alone it will not last long as you are charmingly attractive. Lucky numbers: 8, 39, 10.


(August 22nd – 21st September)

The energy of the planets gives you enthusiasm and vitality to implement your projects. Only what you are doing now will help you succeed. The confidence you have in yourself grows and you feel free to shape your own destiny by unlocking the full potential that lies within you. Lucky numbers: 44, 17, 12.


(September 22nd – Oct. 22)

It's time to show the world your talents or skills. You now have the chance to be successful in everything related to your work. You can organize, lead and teach. It will be difficult to compete with you as you have tons of cunning and intelligence to know who is who in your life. You will not hesitate to express your truth. Lucky numbers: 33, 14, 26.


(October 23rd – November 20th)

Your life is shattered. You will be full of energy to start new projects. These strong experiences you have had push you to make changes in your intimate personal life. Although some people will be surprised by your new outlook on life, any change you make in yourself will be successful. Lucky numbers: 2, 45, 37.


(21st November – Dec. 20)

Today you will positively impress others with your brilliant ideas. You have the ability to express yourself and concentrate that many people already want and that will be of great use to you both in your career and in your studies. You will now be guided by your personal experiences when guiding or advising others. Lucky numbers: 16, 28, 19.


(Dec 21 – January 18)

An action-packed day awaits you, Capricorn, in the sentimental realm. Someone is eager to enjoy your company and will approach you with the best intentions of getting to know you better by offering you their affection and friendship. Take this opportunity to expand your circle of friends, Capricorn. Lucky numbers: 5, 23, 14.


(January 19 – February 17)

Don't tie yourself down to sad memories of the past. Let go, let go of everything that bothers you or depresses you. Only you can allow peace to reign in your heart again. Life has many paths and now you know how to choose the path that suits you best. Go slowly and with the certainty that you will achieve what you want. Lucky numbers: 24, 18, 11.


(February 18th – 19th) March)

Focus on what you want, because right when you think about it, it will be. Dare to start today what you have been planning for so long. It is imperative that you move from scarcity to prosperity. Beautify your surroundings and share your love and joy with others. With your understanding you can brighten the lives of many. Lucky numbers: 15, 8, 31.