Wandinha Season 2 may no longer be shown on

Wandinha: Season 2 may no longer be shown on Netflix; know the reason

The second season of Wandinha hasn’t been confirmed yet, but news about the continuation of the Addams Family daughter’s story is already emerging. Although the new episodes are one of the biggest hits in Netflix history, they may find a new home: Amazon Prime Video. The possibility was raised by a report published by Deadline.

According to the publication, the change would come due to bureaucratic issues with series producer MGM Studios. In 2022, the company entered into an $8.5 billion (roughly R$45 billion) agreement to merge with Amazon Studios. So even if Netflix were responsible for distributing and promoting Wandinha, the rights would still belong to MGM. Therefore, the series can be included in this transaction.

Wandina 2“Wandinha” can be distributed by Amazon Prime Video from the second season. (Photo: Playback/YouTube)

All is not lost for Netflix, however. According to the report, the platform may still be able to propose an agreement to keep the series in the catalogue. Amazon Prime Video founder Jeff Bezos said he has no plans to make all of MGM’s content exclusive to his streaming service. In addition, it’s also possible that even if the series stays there, it will be sold to air on other services. In this way, both companies would benefit.

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Deadline reiterated that despite the resounding success, the production has yet to be renewed. However, producers and screenwriters would already begin filming new episodes of the series with Jenna Ortega. This wouldn’t be the first time a series has changed streaming after launch, either. A similar movement was seen with “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones,” which premiered on Netflix but carried over to Disney+.

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