Wanessa Camargos Ex Shows Off Kids After Posing With Dado

Wanessa Camargo’s Ex Shows Off Kids After Posing With Dado

Wanessa Camargo’s exhusband Marcus Buaiz shows off his children after a photo with Dado at his villa

The Entrepreneur Marcus Buaizexhusband of Vanessa Camaro, showed the kids having fun in their luxurious villa. Since the singer announced the end of her marriage, the excouple’s two heirs have been spending part of their days with their father and others with their mother.

When he moved out of the house where he lived with his family, Marcus acquired a huge property in an upscale neighborhood of São Paulo. The house has sports fields, a swimming pool and plenty of space for children to play.

To make the children still “at home”, Marcus adopted some pets, which became the boys’ favorites. In addition to a very large pogo stick for the boys to play with while they are there.

Please note that Vanessa Camaro was married to the businessman for around 15 years. Their two children emerged from the relationship. The first born José Marcus who is 10 years old. The youngest, João Francisco, is eight years old.

The excouple announced the end of their relationship in May this year. The decision was made public through an official statement. The message was posted on both profiles, emphasizing her commitment to raising her children.

This week, the daughter of Zeze Di Camargo reinforced some rumors that surfaced around the announcement of the breakup. Several vehicles reported at the time that she had reconnected with an exboyfriend. The singer and the actor Dolabella dates lived a romance between 2000 and 2004. The relationship was marked by breakups and reconciliations.

Last week, the actor followed a rehearsal closely Vanessa Camaro with your dancers. The famous plans to return to the stage and is preparing for it. Despite being present at the venue, Dado and the artist left the room separately.

Despite the “caution,” both were caught by the paparazzi lenses that lingered in the area. So far, celebrities have not commented on the matter. They also haven’t confirmed if they are back together.

Wanessa Camargo and Marcus Buaiz's children are having fun at their father's house

Reproduction Instagram Marcus Buaiz showed his children with Wanessa Camargo having fun in his luxurious mansion

Singer Wanessa Camargo leaves a rehearsal accompanied by Dado Dolabella

Brazilian news singer Wanessa Camargo leaves a rehearsal with Dado Dolabella

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