Wanessa can39t resist and kisses Davi in ​​front of Isabelle

Wanessa can't resist and kisses Davi in ​​front of Isabelle •

It is nothing new that BBB 24 participant Davi is attacked by most of his fellow prisoners, including Wanessa Camargo, who accused her brother of being manipulative, sexist and fake.

But on Wednesday evening (14), Wanessa Camargo surprised everyone in the house after a very curious moment with Davi, who returned from three walls. After shaving and getting a new haircut, David asked the sisters present to kiss him on the cheek.

I wanted a kiss. Can someone give it to me? “On the cheek,” Davi said.

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Wanessa answered her brother and laughed. “You want to show that you’re cleanshaven, don’t you?”

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The singer gave Davi a kiss on the cheek and made the surrounding colleagues pay attention to the situation.