War between Israel and Gaza live The UN estimates

War between Israel and Gaza, live | The UN estimates that 85% of Gaza's population is displaced

Extension | Borrell: The war in Gaza requires an “externally imposed” solution

The EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, defended this Wednesday the need for the international community to intervene to impose a solution to the war in Gaza “from outside”, as he warned this Wednesday from Lisbon , Palestinians and Israelis would have done so. Since the failed Oslo Accords of 1993, the states have proven themselves incapable of negotiating a stable peace on their own.

“What we have learned in these 30 years and what we are learning now in the face of the tragedy in Gaza is that the solution must be imposed from outside,” the head of European diplomacy said during a foreign policy seminar in the Portuguese capital.

“Peace can only be achieved in the long term if the international community is intensively involved in achieving peace and pushing through a solution,” Borrell emphasized again in an agreement to create two states.

Among the countries that should work to stop the violence and strive for a peace agreement, the Spanish diplomat named the United States, the European partners – whose lack of unanimity in the face of the conflict he again deplored – and also the Arab neighbors. to prevent the conflict from spreading throughout the region. “The roots of hatred are being sown and if this tragedy does not end soon, I fear the entire Middle East will go up in flames,” he warned.

It is also necessary for the head of European diplomacy to take into account other sectors of Israeli and Palestinian society, as the main actors in the current conflict, the extremist group Hamas and the government of Benjamin Netanyahu, have repeatedly rejected a two-state solution.

“We know that Hamas does not want a two-state solution, but wants to destroy the state of Israel. And we also know that the current Israeli government completely rejects the two-state solution. “Netanyahu has been trying to avoid it for 15 years and has just said again that he is the best guarantee that it will never happen,” recalled Borrell, for whom we must start now, unlike three decades ago , the solution to set the goal of two states and “see how this goal is achieved with international help.”

“We know there is light on the other side of the tunnel, but we don't know where the tunnel is, and we have to identify where the tunnel is in order to see and reach the light,” he summarized the difficult equation .