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War between Israel and Hamas: what to remember from Friday January 12th Franceinfo

Israel has defended itself against accusations of genocide against the Palestinians at the International Court of Justice, while bombings continue in the Gaza Strip.

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Published on January 12, 2024 11:28 p.m

Reading time: 4 minutesJudge of the International Court of Justice in The Hague (Netherlands), January 12, 2024. (DURSUN AYDEMIR / ANADOLU)

Judge of the International Court of Justice in The Hague (Netherlands), January 12, 2024. (DURSUN AYDEMIR / ANADOLU)

Israel continues its bombing in the Gaza Strip as the country responds to allegations of genocide against the Palestinians at the International Court of Justice on Friday, January 12. Yemen's Houthi rebels have also responded to attacks by the United States and the United Kingdom. Here's what to remember from the 98th day of the conflict.

Israel is defending itself against accusations of “genocide” against Palestinians in Gaza at the International Court of Justice

Israel condemned a “totally distorted” and “malicious” accusation at the International Court of Justice, the United Nations’ highest court. The Jewish state's lawyer stressed that Israel's response was an act of self-defense and not directed against civilians, saying: “Israel is waging a defensive war against Hamas, not against the Palestinian people.”

South Africa appealed urgently to the court in The Hague last month, arguing that Israel was violating the United Nations Genocide Convention, signed in 1948 after the Holocaust. Since this is an emergency procedure, the ICJ could decide within a few weeks. Its decisions are final and legally binding, but it has no authority to enforce them.

The Israeli army “neutralized” three attackers after an attack on a Jewish settlement in the West Bank

The Israeli army said it had “neutralized” three attackers following an attack on the Jewish settlement of Adora in the occupied West Bank on Friday, January 12. Attackers opened fire on soldiers patrolling near Hebron. According to the Magen David Adom Ambulance Service (MDA), which did not provide further details, a man was also shot in the leg and taken to hospital.

In addition, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, a 19-year-old Palestinian died from his wounds after being beaten by the Israeli army in Tulkarem. Since the war between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas in the Gaza Strip began, the occupied West Bank has experienced levels of violence unseen in 20 years. About 340 Palestinians have been killed since October 7, according to an AFP count of Palestinian and Israeli estimates.

Hostages are being held in Gaza to receive medicine “in the coming days,” Israel says

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office said the negotiations resulted in the “importation of medicines for Hamas hostages” under a deal brokered through Qatar. A source close to Hamas confirmed to AFP that talks over the import of medicines were taking place, but not their conclusion.

Of the 250 hostages kidnapped during the October 7 Hamas attack in southern Israel, 132 are missing, according to Israeli authorities, including 25 who died without their bodies being returned. At least a third of hostages suffer from chronic illnesses and require treatment, according to a report released Tuesday by the Hostage Families Collective entitled “Bring Them Home Now.” “Many others were injured during their abduction,” and others suffer from pathologies related to the conditions of captivity, according to the collective.

Another disruption in communications in the Gaza Strip

“We regret to announce the complete cutback of communications and internet services in Gaza after the Israeli side shut down the servers,” Palestinian operator Paltel said in a press release, although such cuts have already taken place since the start of hostilities on Palestinian territory have . “Gaza is cut off from the world again,” he lamented At the operator.

Hamas' health ministry announces a new death toll of 23,708

The Islamist organization that rules the Gaza Strip also reports 60,005 injured since the start of the war with the Jewish state following the attacks it carried out in Israel on October 7th. No independent source can confirm this assessment.

Houthi rebels fire anti-ship missiles “in response” to US and UK attacks in Yemen

According to a US general, the missile did not hit any ships. Washington and London carried out more than 150 attacks on Houthi rebel positions in Yemen on Thursday night, killing five rebels and wounding six, according to the Houthi military spokesman. A high-level panel of the Iran-backed movement warned on Friday that “all US-British interests.” [étaient] “become legitimate targets” for the rebels.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called on “all parties” to avoid “escalation”. For several weeks, the Houthis have been carrying out increasing attacks on ships in the Red Sea, disrupting global maritime trade. Rebels in power in much of Yemen and close to Iran say they are attacking ships linked to Israel in solidarity with the Gaza Strip.