War in the Middle East Borrell EU Israel financed the

War in the Middle East, Borrell (EU): “Israel financed the founding of Hamas” NATIONAL NEWSPAPER

Rome, January 19, 2024 – The status of Israel he “financed the founding of the Palestinian Islamic fundamentalist group.” Hamas, in an attempt to weaken the Palestinian Authority (PNA).” The head of foreign policy of the European Union said this: Josep Borrellwithout going into more detail about the alleged financing.

Meanwhile the Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani intervened in the Gaza crisis and stated: “If it would be useful in Gaza in a transitional period, a peace mission“We are ready to send our soldiers with the United Nations as peacekeepers.”

Allies and enemies of Tehran

Allies and enemies of Tehran

He is expected in Brussels next Monday the EU Foreign Affairs Council which was to be attended in the presence of the foreign ministers of Israel and Palestine.

New raids from United States They are taking positions in Yemen Houthis. Pro-Iranian Yemeni rebels claimed responsibility another attack with ballistic missiles against one another American tanker Chem Ranger in Red Seabut without causing injury or damage.

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4:09 p.m

Pakistan: Agreement with Iran on de-escalation

Pakistan and Iran have agreed on “de-escalation” after an exchange of blows in recent days. Islamabad Foreign Minister Jalil Abbas Jilani said this after speaking with his colleague Hossein Amir-Abdollahian. The ministers also discussed the return of ambassadors to the two capitals. In a note, the Pakistani government recalled the brotherly relations between the two countries, while Jilani hoped to work with Tehran based on a “spirit of mutual trust and cooperation.” And he stressed that respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty must be the basis of this cooperation.

4:00 p.m

Borrell: “Israel financed the founding of Hamas”

The State of Israel financed the creation of the Palestinian Islamic fundamentalist group Hamas to weaken the Palestinian Authority (PA). This was stated by the head of foreign policy of the European Union, Josep Borrell. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected accusations from his opponents in the Jewish state and some world media that his government has actively supported Hamas in Gaza for years. “Yes, Hamas was funded by the Israeli government to weaken the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority,” he said
Borrell in a speech at the University of Valladolid, without elaborating on the alleged financing.

2:48 p.m

Pakistan-Iran: first meeting of foreign ministers

There was a telephone conversation between Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdullahian and Pakistani Foreign Minister Jalil Abbas Jilani. It was the first time that the two diplomats discussed the current escalation. Amir-Abdollahian told his colleague that Iran respects Pakistan's sovereignty and territorial integrity. Jilani responded that Islamabad was ready to work with Tehran “on all issues based on the spirit of mutual trust and cooperation.”

12:55 p.m

Schlein: Avoid sending weapons to Israel

“We have to ask ourselves the question of how we don't fuel these conflicts, how we avoid sending and exporting weapons to conflicts, to the conflict in the Middle East, in this case particularly to Israel. Because we cannot risk that weapons will be used to commit something that can be considered a war crime.” PD Secretary Elly Schlein said this at the end of the PD parliamentary seminar.

10:17 a.m

IDF: “Islamic Jihad deputy chief killed in Gaza”

The Israeli Army (IDF) and Shin Bet intelligence agency announced that the deputy head of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad's propaganda unit was killed in an airstrike in the Gaza Strip yesterday. According to the IDF and Shin Bet, Wael Abu Fanounah was responsible for publishing the terrorist group's videos, including videos of rocket fires into Israel, and for creating propaganda videos of the hostages. Abu Fanounah previously held other senior positions in Islamic Jihad, including as assistant to Khalil Bahtini, the group's commander in the northern Gaza Strip.

10:15 a.m

Diplomatic sources: Israel and Palestine participate in the EU Foreign Affairs Council

The foreign ministers of Israel and Palestine will attend the Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels next Monday. This is what diplomatic sources say. The agenda currently includes a breakfast with the Egyptian minister before the actual council. Then the 27 will focus on Ukraine. Once the chapter is closed, it is the Israeli minister's turn. This will be followed by lunch with the envoys of Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the Arab League. Finally, the meeting with the Palestinian representative.


Pakistan: National Security Council convened after attacks with Iran

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Interim, Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar, has met for today and will be in the chair National Security Council to which the heads of the army and military intelligence were summoned after the exchange of blows with Iran. “The prime minister has called a meeting of the National Security Council which will take place today,” a spokesman for his office told AFP for Friday, January 19.


Palestinian media: At least 12 dead in attack near Shifa hospital

At least 12 people were killed in an Israeli airstrike nearbyShifa Hospital In Gaza City, Palestinian media reported on Israeli newspapers. The airstrike reportedly hit one residential buildingAt least twelve people were killed and an unknown number of people were injured.


Tajani: “Ready to send Italian soldiers to Gaza for UN peacekeeping mission”

“If necessary a peace mission in Gaza, We are in a transition phase ready to send our military with the United Nations as a peacemaker.” The Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister told Raido24: Antonio Tajaniwho denied that there was an American request for expansion Unifil mission in Lebanon, where they have been involved in the UN mission for years over thousend Italian soldiers. “The mission in Lebanon is a United Nations mission,” he specified. “There is also another Italian mission in Beirut that trains the Lebanese military.”

Italian soldiers in the Unifil mission in Lebanon (archive photo)

Italian soldiers in the Unifil mission in Lebanon (archive photo)


Pentagon: “We are not at war with the Houthis”

The United States is not at war with the rebels Houthis are supported by Iran in Yemen, despite repeated attacks on the group's targets, a Pentagon spokesman says. “We are not looking for war. We don't want to say that we are at war. “We don’t want to see a regional war,” she said Pentagon spokesman Sabrina Singh. He then emphasized that the
Houthis continue Fire rockets Cruise and anti-ship missiles against innocent sailors and merchant ships in the Red Sea. And talk about it “defensive measures” “Conducted in accordance with the business orders of the Secretary and the President and reflects the inherent right to defend ourselves against attack or threat of imminent attack,” he added.


Egypt: Talks with Houthis and Iran on Red Sea security

Egyptian officials are leading the way Interviews with the representatives of the Houthis of Yemen and with theIranher sponsor, in an attempt to restore calm international waters After Houthi attacks, sea routes were severely affected Red Sea. This was reported by the Arabic newspaper Al-Araby Al-Jadeed. In recent days, “intense meetings have taken place with senior leaders of the Ansar Allah group on Egypt's security,” an unnamed Egyptian official told the news agency, using the Houthi group's official title. Cairo has reportedly criticized the US and UK-led attacks on Houthi targets in Yemen on January 12 and subsequent Western attacks, arguing that the solution to the crisis cannot be military. “It is better to push for a solution that hastens the end of the root cause, which is the ongoing war in Gaza,” the Egyptian official told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, referring to the Houthis’ claim that They attack ships with ties to Israel as a show of support for the Palestinians in Gaza. Within the Egypt's efforts To calm international sentiment, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian is expected to visit Cairo in the next few days, the newspaper adds.


Tel Aviv: Thousands of participants in the demonstration demand peace

Thousands of people gathered around Tel Aviv I called for a ceasefire in Gaza late last night and Peace with the Palestinians. Demonstrations erupt again in Israel as anger grows over Netanyahu's failed government Free the prisoners despite the intensity of the war. Some families of prisoners were also present at the protests. Many protesters carried signs reading “Peace begins with hope” and “Peace is the only solution.” Yesterday the demonstration also took place during the day Kfir Biba's first birthdaythe smallest of the hostages taken by Hamas on October 7th.




Al Jazeera: More than 40 victims in recent attacks in Gaza

More than 40 people were killed after the last wave Israeli attacks throughout the Gaza Strip. This was reported by Al Jazeera, stating that 29 lifeless bodies were taken to al-Aqsa hospital in Deir el-Balah, while another 12 were taken to the barely functioning al-Shifa hospital in Gaza city. At least three of them were killed in an Israeli shelling in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood of Gaza City. The Israeli forces continued Bomb Khan Younis and to move military reinforcements to the area.


Houthis: safe passage for Russian and Chinese ships in the Red Sea

The Houthis promise this free passage to Russian and Chinese ships Crossing the Red Sea. A senior official said this in an interview with Russia's Izvestia agency, AFP reported
Houthis declare that shipping in the Red Sea is linked to Yemen it is save for ships that not only make connections with certain countries, especially Israel, and therefore “shipments from”. Russia and China They are safe.” “Moreover,” he added, “we are ready to guarantee this.” safe passage of their ships in the Red Sea because freedom of navigation plays an important role for our country.” Instead, the Houthi official continues, the Attacks on ships “connected to Israel in some way” will continue to exist.

Yemen, Houthis (Ansa)

Yemen, Houthis (Ansa)


IDF: One soldier dead south of Gaza, 194 since war began

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has announced the death of another soldier due to wounds sustained during fighting in the southern Gaza Strip. This brings the number of soldiers killed in the ground offensive against Hamas to 194. The youngest victim is Ori Gerby, 20 years old, from the Givati ​​Brigade's reconnaissance unit from Herzliya. The Times of Israel reports on it.


Guterres' appeal: “Iran and Pakistan avoid escalation”

The Secretary General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres He called on Iran and Pakistan to “exercise maximum restraint.” avoid further escalation “The Secretary-General underlines that all security concerns between the two countries must be addressed by peaceful means, through dialogue and cooperation in accordance with the principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity and good neighborly relations,” the UN spokesman said.


Red Sea: The US confirms the firing of two Houthi missiles against an American tanker

The United States confirms through Central Command that “terrorists” Houthis launched with the support of Iran two rockets “Anti-ship ballistics tests” on the ship “Chem Ranger, a ship flying the flag of Marshall Island, United States.” Tanker operated by Greece, which is away from the Street of Aden. Centcom emphasizes: “No injuries or damage to the vessel were reported. The ship continued sailing.” The crew observed “missiles hitting the water near the ship.”


Al Arabiya: At least 24,620 Palestinians killed since war began

I'm more than three months into a war at least 24,620 Palestinians killed while much of the Gaza Strip is reduced to rubble. Al Arabiya writes this after the announcement
Israel plans to reduce its ground operations and shift to smaller tactics.

Raid on Tulkram refugee camp (Ansa)

Raid on Tulkram refugee camp (Ansa)