War in Ukraine agreement between Putin and Trump for invasion

War in Ukraine, agreement between Putin and Trump for invasion: the New York Times exposure

A very long article in the US newspaper links the “Russiagate” to the conflict in Ukraine: the Kremlin’s help in the election of Donald Trump, the newspaper speculates, was aimed at gaining the tycoon’s support for dismembering the country to win Ukraine

Russiagate and the war in Ukraine may be related events: This is suggested by a New York Times investigative disclosure entitled “The Untold Story of ‘Russiagate’ and the Road to War in Ukraine. Russian interference in Trump-era politics” is suspected to be more directly linked to the current war than previously thought. (RUSSIAGATE, THE STAGES OF THE SCANDAL) A very long title for an equally structured article in which the US newspaper links Moscow’s interference in the 2016 US presidential election with the conflict in Ukraine. The hypothesis is that the Kremlin’s help in electing Donald Trump was essentially aimed at winning the tycoon’s support for a breakup of Ukraine. (WAR IN UKRAINE. THE SPECIAL – LIVE UPDATES)

The revelation

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The New York Times reconstruction is based on a review of hundreds of pages of documents from the Russiagate investigation by Attorney General Robert Mueller, the Senate Intelligence Commission, Trump’s impeachment hearings, and interviews with nearly 50 people in the US and Ukraine. . It all began on the night of July 28, 2016, when Hillary Clinton accepted the nomination for the White House in Philadelphia: during those hours, Paul Manafort, President of the Trump campaign, received an email from his friend and Russian partner Konstantin Kilimnik, who asked and got an urgent appointment with him. The two met at the Grand Havana Room, a Trump-related hangout atop the Tower in Manhattan owned by Jared Kushner, the tycoon’s son-in-law. Here, Kilimnik illustrated the “Mariupol Plan,” which envisaged the creation of an autonomous republic in eastern Ukraine led by deposed President Viktor Ianukovich in exchange for peace.

Trump’s role

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Donald Trump had already hinted that he would overthrow the diplomatic status quo, and Kilimnik believed he would help bring that plan to fruition. But first he had to win. For this, Manafort shared with him the internal surveys that showed the path to success in the battleground states. However, as American investigators later determined, Manafort was also a Russian agent. In the weeks that followed, the Russian hacking of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party began: an assault on American democracy that ended in Trump’s victory. It seemed like a closed chapter, but according to the NYT it is linked to the war in Ukraine, even if in the end Vladimir Putin didn’t get what he thought he paid for from the tycoon.

The invasion of Ukraine

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The former US President recently declared that if he had remained in office in the White House, Putin would never have started the war. But when the Biden government took office in January 2021, the US daily explains, Putin faced a new American president who had promised a tough line against his imperial plans towards Ukraine. “Thirteen months later – the conclusion of the NYT investigation – the Russian tanks crossed the Ukrainian border”.


The latest update from British intelligence says that Russia has deployed some missile batteries on Belarusian territory. This is a sign of Minsk’s growing involvement in the war. But what are the devices used? what are they for And what are the risks for Europe?

In the latest update ofBritish Secret Service we read that Russia has deployed some missile batteries in Belarus, apparently more to signal Minsk’s increasing involvement in the war in Ukraine than for specific tactical reasons. But what are the devices used? And what are they for?

“The pictures showed these two MiG-31K Foxhound interceptor They were almost certainly parked at Machulishchi Airport in Belarus on October 17, along with a large one tank stored nearby in a protective earth dock,” the bulletin said

“The container is probably connected to that AS-24 Killjoy air-launched ballistic missilea large ammunition for which the MiG-31K variant is suitable,” the British report said again