War in Ukraine live Chancellor Olaf Scholz calls on the

War in Ukraine, live: Chancellor Olaf Scholz calls on the Allies to deliver more tanks

According to Der Spiegel, a German agent is said to be delivering information about the Ukrainian positions to Moscow

A German secret service agent arrested shortly before Christmas on suspicion of espionage for Moscow was supposed to provide the Russian secret service with information about the Ukrainian army’s artillery and air defense positions, Der Spiegel reported on Friday.

According to the German weekly, this was information about the IRIS-T missile defense system, which Berlin supplied to Ukraine after the Russian invasion, and the Himar missile launcher systems, which were provided to Kiev by the United States.

For its part, Focus, another German weekly, believes that this alleged spy, known as Carsten L., disclosed secret accesses to Moscow that the German Federal Intelligence Service BND used to break into the Russian communications system.

According to the first results of the Spiegel investigations, the Russian security services of the FSB asked Carsten L., who was arrested on December 22, to send them GPS data on the location of the IRIS-T missile shield systems via an alleged accomplice arrested on January 26 and Himars- rocket launcher. However, sources familiar with the investigation told the magazine it was unlikely such data would eventually be shared.

Federal prosecutor Peter Frank is investigating the two men, who are both in custody, for high treason.