War in Ukraine live Sweden closes area in Baltic Sea

War in Ukraine live: Sweden closes area in Baltic Sea around leaks of Nord Stream gas pipelines to conduct probe into ‘grave sabotage’

French MPs took position during a debate on the situation in Ukraine

French MPs confronted their positions on the war in Ukraine on Monday in a lengthy debate without punches but not spades. Here is a summary of the positions adopted on various issues discussed during the discussions:

For the Prime Minister, who spoke in the introduction to the debate, “they work”. Elizabeth Borne Nor did he fail to “rebuke those who hide their fascination with Russian imperialism behind an alleged patriotism.”

“To those spreading propaganda [russe] I ask the question: If these sanctions were so ineffective, why should Putin be desperate to lift them,” the Renaissance Group president added Aurora mountainsif the deputy Karl Sitzenstuhl denounced the far-right’s “long-standing ideological complicity” with Russia.

Laurent Marcangeli (Horizons) denounced the “lie” of “harder penalties for the French than for the Russians” Fredrik Petit MoDem’s scourging of those who seek to put an end to it “by electoral calculation or by intellectual subjugation” and the direct challenge of the National Rally.

MPRN Jerome Buisson countered that the energy sanctions are “counterproductive” and allow Russia to “increase its profits”. “It is legitimate to impose sanctions on Russia,” but the sanctions must target “the oligarchs and the export of defense industry goods,” he demanded.

On the LFI side, the president of the group Mathilde Panot questioned the “relevance” of certain sanctions that “have exacerbated the rise in hydrocarbon prices and allowed Russia to see its commercial profits explode.” She also put the Nupes proposal back on the table for a tax on superprofits instead of “making the poor pay for inflation”.

“We mustn’t bluff,” demanded the judge Jean Louis Thieriotwhich calls for “the maintenance and strengthening of sanctions”, although the energy crisis is also the result of “mistakes in energy policy since 2012”.

The president of the Liot group (Independent Freedoms Overseas and Territories) deplored the “blindness” of state services before the Russian invasion. Bertrand Pancher called for “speeding up the defense of Europe” and for supplying “more military equipment” to Ukraine. “The military support has worked,” added the deputy EELV Aurelia Tachand called for “increasing these efforts”.

” Decision [de Paris] Supplying Caesar weapons is excellent,” also praised Jean Louis Thieriotif Valerie Rabault (PS) called on the government to “increase its supply of surface-to-air missiles”. “Arms supplies are now mainly provided by the United States, Europe must take more of its share, otherwise it will never be a credible player in terms of geopolitics,” argued the assembly’s vice-president.

“Our Polish and Baltic allies no longer trust us,” and “diplomatic initiatives are now being outsourced to Turkey and China,” he said Jerome Buissonif his colleague from the RN group Alexis Jolly urged France to “regain its distinctiveness” to regain its place. On behalf of the Communist Group, Jean Paul Lecoq argued that France “is no longer the country that sells arms to torturers and belligerents for billions of euros a year”.

Left the socialists Boris Vallaud and Valerie Rabault jointly called for tackling the problem of “companies”, including French ones, that could allow Russia to circumvent sanctions.

Boris Vallaud announced a PS amendment to the finance law “that the dividends and other revenues of companies that actually support the Russian economy by staying there will be confiscated and paid to Ukraine” and called on the company Eutelsat to ” no more news stations to broadcast”. liaison with the Russian authorities” and urged TotalEnergies to “leave Russia”.

The environmentalist Aurelia Tach also called for “an accurate inventory of companies still operating on Russian soil” and “their participation, voluntary or involuntary, in the mobilization decreed by Vladimir Putin”.

MEPs also unanimously condemned Moscow’s statements on the annexation of four regions.