War in Ukraine Russia claims to have held air defense

War in Ukraine: Russia claims to have held air defense exercises near Moscow

The Russian Defense Ministry wants to protect its critical infrastructure in the event of “air strikes”. Moscow has already installed defense systems on its roofs this week.

Moscow is preparing. Russia announced on Saturday that it was conducting air defense exercises in the Moscow region amid the conflict with Ukraine to protect its vital infrastructure in the event of “airstrikes”.

“More than 150 soldiers” took part

“Drills were held in the Moscow region with the personnel of the Western Military District’s anti-aircraft missile brigade to repel air strikes on key military, industrial and administrative infrastructure,” Russia’s Security Ministry said in a press release.

According to the ministry, the Russian soldiers who took part in these trainings were trained in the use of “S-300 anti-aircraft missiles”.

In all, “more than 150 soldiers and more than 30 weapons, military and special equipment” participated in these drills, the same source said. However, the Russian defense did not specify when these exercises took place.

Defense systems already installed in Moscow

Asked whether Russia fears Moscow is a target, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov declined to answer on Friday, referring the question to the Defense Ministry.

Russia has already installed air defense systems on the roofs of its capital this week and early January. The Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Education are specially equipped.

Deliveries of long-range missiles expected from Kyiv

The United States, United Kingdom, Sweden and Denmark have already individually announced large new arms shipments to the country, including armored vehicles and long-range high-precision missiles.

Washington on Thursday pledged to provide 90 Stryker armored personnel carriers and 59 Bradley light armored vehicles as part of a new relief tranche, after announcing the delivery of an additional 50 Bradleys and France AMX-10 RC light main battle tanks a week earlier.

The Kremlin issued a message in the form of a threat on Thursday before the meeting of Ukraine’s allies in Germany to coordinate military aid to Kyiv. Moscow had warned that deploying long-range weapons would bring the conflict “to a new level that would not bode well for European security.”