War in Ukraine Several EU and NATO states are considering

War in Ukraine: “Several EU and NATO states are considering sending troops,” the statement by the Slovak Prime Minister is causing a stir

Robert Fico multiplies critical statements towards his European and Western partners.

On Saturday, in a video released on the occasion of the second anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the Slovak Prime Minister asserted that the war was started by Ukrainian neo-Nazis back in 2014. He also castigated the West, which he said did everything it could to demonize Putin in the hope of bringing him to his knees, without success.

Mr. Fico said he regretted that NATO was “expanding eastward,” “which contradicts Russia's interests,” and viewed Ukraine's entry as a potential trigger for a third world war.

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“The West cannot admit that the strategy of the conflict in Ukraine, aimed at destroying the Russian Federation, is not working. Shortly after the conflict began, the Ukrainians made a peace agreement impossible… pic.twitter.com/BuzPXpXu0Z

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Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico made a horrific video statement on the anniversary of the full-scale war in Ukraine.

He said the West began demonizing Putin in hopes of bringing him to his knees but failed. He further stated that the war had already begun… pic.twitter.com/R9pejS5FVH

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This Monday, after a meeting of the Slovak Security Council, the head of government said that he feared the results of the meeting of European and world heads of state and government on the situation in Ukraine planned for February 26 in Paris and expected a “worse solution”.

The Social Democratic leader finally assures that several EU and NATO countries are considering sending troops to Ukraine as part of bilateral defense agreements with Kiev, reports the Slovak daily newspaper SME.

“I will do everything to prevent the direct involvement of Slovak soldiers”

Such a decision would lead to an escalation of the conflict, which he does not want to involve his country in. The Slovak government will never authorize the sending of Slovak soldiers to Ukraine, only provide humanitarian aid and consider providing demining vehicles, he said.

SME softens his comments and suggests that the Prime Minister is actually exploiting fears for electoral purposes by posing as a defender of the Slovaks, from whom he would avert any war casualties.

“Even if my position costs me the post of prime minister, I will do everything to prevent the direct participation of Slovak soldiers in the war in Ukraine,” he says.

Ukraine has bilateral security agreements with the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, France, Canada and Italy. However, these international agreements do not contain any clauses providing for the deployment of foreign military forces into Ukrainian territory.