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As the Ukrainian counter-offensive continues at the beginning of the 222nd day of the war, the Russians lose strategic points. The loss of the city of Lyman on Friday, in particular, forced the Moscow army to establish a new front line. This win proves it “that Ukrainians are advancing and able to repel Russian forces” according to the statements of the Secretary General of NATO on Sunday, October 2, 2022.

We take stock of recent events on the front lines of the war in Ukraine

The Russians forced to establish a new front line

The capture of the Moscow-annexed town of Lyman by the Ukrainian army on Sunday poses a serious problem for Russian forces, who are on the defensive and forced to establish a new front line.

In the east of the Kharkiv region (northeast), the railway network converges at a point to the Kupyansk Vouzloviï railway station and then slopes south towards Svatové in the Russian-annexed Lugansk region.

During the six-month Russian occupation, trains used these tracks to transport supplies to Moscow troops stationed farther south, making this station an important logistical hub for Russian military operations.

But the situation has changed in the last few days. The Ukrainian counter-offensive allowed Kyiv to retake large areas in the region, forcing the Russians to retreat.

The Kupiansk Vouzloviï railway station, although badly damaged, is now in the hands of the Ukrainian army. Kupyansk Vouzloviï is 90 km north of Lyman on the Oskil River, not far from Kupyansk, a town that was taken by the Ukrainians last week.

The Russian army had to retreat hastily to Svatové, halfway to the important cities of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk, which they had taken so hard from the Ukrainians before the summer.

The Ukrainians are proving they can hold off the Russians, NATO says

The capture of the town of Lyman by the Ukrainian army in an area which Russian President Vladimir Putin had declared annexation the day before, “shows that Ukrainians are making progress and are capable of repelling Russian forces”said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in an interview with the American television network NBC, which aired on Sunday 2 October.

speaking on the show “Meet the Press”, Jens Stoltenberg added that maintaining military support to Kyiv is the best way to resist Moscow’s annexation of several regions of Ukraine. He also assured that resorting to nuclear weapons would have serious consequences for Russia.

Macron promises that France will help Ukraine restore its sovereignty

Emmanuel Macron promised in a phone call with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on October 2 that France would help Ukraine restore its territorial integrity.

During that meeting, the French President condemned Russia’s recent illegal annexation of four Ukrainian regions, adding that France would help Ukraine recover “its full sovereignty and territorial integrity”.

The country will continue to work with “European partners in new sanctions” against Russia, assured the Elysée.

A summit in Prague to unite against Moscow

According to EU Council President Charles Michel, the heads of state and government of the European Union and their counterparts from the continent will meet in Prague on Thursday and Friday to discuss the reactions to the dramatic consequences of the Russian war in Ukraine.

“In a few days we will meet in Prague for two important events: the first meeting of the European Political Community on October 6th and an informal meeting of the European Council the following day.”he announced on Sunday in the letter of invitation to the EU leaders.

“We have agreed to create the European Political Community with the aim of bringing the countries of the continent together”, he pointed out. The heads of state and government of 17 European countries (United Kingdom, Turkey, the 6 Western Balkan countries, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia and Azerbaijan) were invited. This meeting will take place on Thursday at 1 p.m.

The following day, the heads of state and government of the 27 EU countries will meet for an informal summit where they will discuss “Three interconnected pressing issues: Russia’s war in Ukraine, energy and the economic situation”after Charles Michel.

“We will discuss how to continue providing strong economic, military, political and financial support to Ukraine while it lasts and we will consider how best to protect our critical infrastructure.”explained Charles Michel.

The consultations must also make it possible tackle high prices for households and businesses, boost growth and jobs and protect vulnerable people who suffer most from high energy bills”he insisted.

Ukraine wants to regain control of Crimea

Tamila Tasheva, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s main representative for Crimea, and her team spend their days plotting a possible takeover of Crimea by Ukrainians, The Guardian reveals. Questions revolve around how many Ukrainian teachers or police officers should be deployed to the peninsula if Kyiv regains control and what it would take to reverse eight years of Russian rule.

No reputable military analyst claims that Ukraine is capable of retaking Crimea, but the idea seems far less fanciful than it was a year ago.

” It’s time. At the moment everything is going in such a way that it seems inevitable”, confides Tamila Tasheva to the Guardian. “It may not happen tomorrow, but I think it will happen a lot quicker than I thought a year ago.”

Even if Russian President Vladimir Putin claims more territory with his attempt to annex four Ukrainian regions on Friday, Kyiv believes that a complete victory will not only mean a return to the situation before the February invasion, but also the retaking of all of Ukraine territory should include .

Previously, Ukrainian officials claimed Crimea would be theirs, more out of hope than conviction. So did most Western officials and diplomats, who privately suggested there was little chance Kyiv would ever regain control of the country.

Today, as Russia fights on the battlefields of southern and eastern Ukraine and President Putin’s unpopular mobilization campaign causes division, some in Kyiv are hoping the message has gotten across. “Everything started with Crimea and everything will end with Crimea”said Volodymyr Zelenskyy in a speech in August.

Debate on Ukraine in the National Assembly

MEPs return to the Chamber this Monday, October 3, with a debate on the situation in Ukraine that is tighter than ever after Moscow called for the annexation of four regions.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne is expected to open the discussion at 4 p.m. The diplomatic chief Catherine Colonna could also intervene, it was said in her environment.

This debate, organized in accordance with Article 50-1 of the Constitution, is not subject to a vote.

Assembly President Yaël Braun-Pivet has just returned from a trip to Ukraine with several majority MPs and Socialist Vice-President Valérie Rabault to demonstrate “French Solidarity”.

In the hemicycle, the debate promises to be lively, with the majority intending to challenge the RN, which they regularly accuse of being close to Russia.

Each party will have their say.

Elisabeth Borne agreed to this Ukraine debate in July. It will also take place in the Senate on October 26th.

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