War in Ukraine Stryker armored vehicles Bradley light tanks GLSDB

War in Ukraine: Stryker armored vehicles, Bradley light tanks, GLSDB bombs… the United States should

“Life is getting very uncomfortable” for the Russian military, according to a US military expert.

Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, the United States has provided about $24 billion to help Ukraine defend against Russian forces. A valuable reinforcement for the Kiev troops, which should soon be reinforced.

President Joe Biden’s administration is expected to agree a new aid program for Kyiv worth more than two billion dollarsaccording to information from CNN and Politico, confirmed by the Portal news agency.

The program, which could be announced as early as Friday at a meeting of defense officials at an airbase in Germany, would likely include the delivery of Armored Stryker vehicles to Ukraine, but no M1 Abrams tanks. In addition to sending a hundred Strykers for the first time, Washington is also expected to announce that it will at least send 50 more Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles.

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“Life is getting very uncomfortable” for the Russian military

According to Politico, this American message would also include sending “Small Diameter Ground Launched Bomb” (GLSDB or Small Diameter Ground Launched Bomb) with a range of 150 kilometers.

Taking to Twitter, Ben Hodges reacted to the potential impact of GLSDB supplies on the war. “GLSDBs (small-diameter ground-launched bombs) will reduce places of refuge for the Russians. Life becomes very uncomfortable for the Russian Navy and Air Force and ammunition dealers in Crimea, along the ‘Land Bridge’… and hopefully soon for repair crews on the Kerch Bridge,” wrote the former commanding general of the US Army Europe.

GLSDB (small diameter ground-launched bombs) will reduce the places of refuge for Russians. For the Russian Navy, Air Force and ammunition dealers in Crimea, life along the “land bridge” will soon become very unpleasant… and hopefully soon for the repair crews on the Kerch Bridge as well. https://t.co/si3zOai3uT

— Ben Hodges (@general_ben) January 18, 2023