War in Ukraine We must continue to support Ukraine and

War in Ukraine: “We must continue to support Ukraine and we will,” says Blinken

UPDATE ON THE SITUATION – Ukraine is demanding more weapons and ammunition to be able to survive on the battlefield, where the fronts have been frozen for weeks

Ukraine’s intervention in NATO and support for Antony Blinken in Kiev, Russia claims the capture of a village near Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine, the EU Transport Commissioner denounces the “lack of involvement” of the Polish authorities, a solution to the Blockade found border to Ukraine by Polish truck drivers… Le Figaro takes stock of the war in Ukraine.

“We must continue to support Ukraine and we will,” Blinken said

The United States and its allies will continue to support Ukraine, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken emphasized on Wednesday, November 29, from NATO headquarters in Brussels. “The answer is clear: we must continue to support Ukraine and we will,” he told a news conference.

A few minutes earlier, the Secretary General of the Atlantic Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, had also reiterated the allies’ support for “the freedom of Ukraine” at a time when concerns are growing about the continuation of Western military aid to that country.

To dispel doubts, Jens Stoltenberg focused on the Ukrainians’ military successes, especially in the Black Sea, and described a Russia weakened at all levels and lagging behind China. “Year after year, Russia mortgages its future to China,” he told the press. Russia is “politically, militarily and economically weaker today,” he emphasized.

At NATO, Ukraine insists that “won’t give in » against Russia

Ukraine will “not give in” for itself and for the security of the entire Atlantic Alliance, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba told NATO on Wednesday. “We have to keep fighting, Ukraine will not give in,” he told the press at the alliance headquarters in Brussels before a meeting of the Ukraine-NATO Council. “Our strategic goal,” a Ukraine within its 1991 borders, including Crimea annexed by Moscow in 2014, “remains unchanged,” he added. Not only Ukraine’s security is at stake, but also “the security of the entire Euro-Atlantic region,” he emphasized. Dmytro Kuleba also reminded that Ukraine is not asking the Americans or Europeans on the battlefield for involvement, but for their help in defeating Russia. “Our deal is simple: you give us what we need and we get on with the fight. We are not asking you to sacrifice your life,” he said.

Ukraine is demanding more weapons and ammunition to be able to survive on the battlefield, where the fronts have barely moved for weeks. However, the American Congress is blocking additional aid from the United States due to the reluctance of some Republican elected officials, and the Europeans are reluctant to pay more to help Kiev.

However, Dmytro Kuleba expressed confidence that Congress would give the green light and recalled the allies’ commitment to helping Ukraine. “I have no reason to believe that the West lacks the political will” to help Ukraine, he said, when asked about the blockades in Europe or the United States. Without Ukraine, NATO would lose “the strongest and most experienced army on the battlefield,” he explained. Those who suggest that Ukraine give up territories in order to gain access to NATO and a guarantee of its security, the Ukrainian minister rejected. Those who have such ideas “should suggest to their governments that they abandon their territories and their people, and if they do that, then I am ready to listen to their arguments,” he replied.

Blockade on the border between Poland and Ukraine: Brussels castigates Warsaw

EU Transport Commissioner Adina Valean on Wednesday denounced the “lack of involvement” of the Polish authorities in finding a solution to the blockade of the border with Ukraine by Polish truck drivers, deeming the situation “totally unacceptable”. Polish truck drivers protesting against “unfair competition” from Ukrainian truck drivers have been organizing blockades on the border between the two countries since the beginning of the month, leading to long queues for heavy trucks. “Although I support people’s right to protest, the entire EU, not to mention Ukraine, a country currently at war, cannot be held hostage by the blockade of our external borders,” the Romanian Commissioner stated during a press conference in Brussels.

The Commission has been dealing with this matter since the blockades began and is conducting a dialogue with all those involved. “There is no goodwill in finding a solution (…) and there is an almost total lack of commitment on the part of the Polish authorities,” complained Adina Valean, recalling: “This is the matter of the Polish authorities.” Border enforce the law.” “There are a number of technical measures that can be taken. But they must be implemented and accepted on the Polish side,” she added. “We continue the dialogue but reserve the right to intervene, including with infringement proceedings against those who do not follow the rules,” she warned.

Polish truck drivers are protesting against the easing of rules for Ukrainian companies’ access to the European Union, which they say has led to a decline in their profits. In a joint statement to their transport ministers and the European Commission, the presidents of the Czech, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish and Slovak road transport associations called for EU entry permits to be required again from Ukrainian transport companies.

The EU abandoned this system after the Russian invasion in February 2022. The European Commission has pointed out that “any reintroduction of a licensing or quota system for road transport activities is not legally possible”. Polish truck drivers were joined in their protest by farmers who say they are still suffering from the fall in prices following Ukrainian grain imports earlier this year.

Russia claims to have captured a village near Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine

Russia said on Wednesday it had captured a village near Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine, a battle-ravaged area where Russian and Ukrainian armies have clashed for more than a year. “Supported by aviation and artillery,” Russian units liberated “the town of Artyomovskoye” in the Donetsk region, the Defense Ministry said in a press release, using the town’s Russian name, Khromove.

The AFP could not independently verify these claims. According to satellite images, the village of Khromove, located on the western edge of Bakhmout, consisted of a few streets and dozens of houses before the Russian offensive began.

Most towns in this area, including Bakhmout, have been reduced to rubble and almost all residents have fled the region. Bakhmout was captured by the Russians in May after months of deadly fighting. The Wagner group left a significant number of fighters there. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu assured that the capture of this city would allow Moscow to make significant new progress. But Russian forces have made no breakthroughs since May and have even lost ground over the past six months.

Kiev says it shot down 21 drones in night raids

The Ukrainian Air Force said on Wednesday that it had shot down 21 drones in night air strikes by Russia. “In total, 21 Shahed-136/131 drones and three Kh-59 missiles were involved in the attacks,” it said on social media, claiming to have shot down all of the drones and two of the missiles.

Ukrainian authorities accuse Russian forces of carrying out systematic attacks on the country’s energy infrastructure at the start of winter. The Ukrainian Air Force said it deployed combat aircraft, anti-aircraft units and mobile anti-aircraft units in the southern and central regions of Ukraine.

The third missile, which was not fired, did not hit its target, it added. There was initially no comment from the Russian side. Russian attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure last winter left millions of residents without power and heat for extended periods. The Kremlin said Kiev was responsible for this situation because it refused to negotiate.

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