War Israel, Hamas: Shots on crowd waiting for help, 20 dead. LIVE

Lebanon is ready to begin negotiations with Israel on the definition of the land border through the mediation of the UN or countries such as the USA or France. Foreign Minister Abdullah Bou Habib said this in an interview with L'Orient-Le Jour. “This will result in an Israeli withdrawal along lines recognized by the international community, starting from points B1 and Rosh Hanikra all the way to Ghajar, and a withdrawal from the Shebaa Farms and Shebaa Village, which are Lebanese. Then we will solve the problem with Syria,” he has explained. “If a war breaks out, it will not come from Lebanon,” assured the head of Beirut diplomacy. “Neither Hezbollah nor the Lebanese government is interested in war. We are talking about defense rather than war,” the head of Lebanese diplomacy stressed in his report that he warned the international community that “if the war expands, it will become regional, with forces from Syria, Iraq, Yemen and everywhere .” “Israel must decide whether it is interested in war. Lebanon wants to implement resolution 1701,” he concluded. In 2022, Israel and Lebanon reached an agreement on the demarcation of maritime borders through US mediation, paving the way for both to exploit natural resources in the disputed stretch of sea.