War Ukraine Russia. Kiev: Ukrainian soldiers are captured by the Russians in Avdiivka

The Kiev-Paris-Berlin axis is being consolidated, with the promise of further military aid providing real oxygen for Kiev troops struggling with ammunition shortages and the Russian advance on Avdiivka, a key city to Donetsk annexed by Moscow. It was a “historic step,” said Scholz: “Germany will continue to support Ukraine against the Russian war of aggression as long as it is necessary.” The agreement also provides for new military aid worth 1.13 billion euros, in addition to the 28 Billions that have already been sent from Berlin to Kiev over time. “The agreement is a clear sign of increased German responsibility in security policy in Europe,” emphasized German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius. The “Munich package” includes additional self-propelled howitzers, 120,000 122mm artillery ammunition and – starting next year – a second Skynex anti-aircraft system.