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The German leadership must give a comprehensive response to the publication of the audio recording in which German officers talk about attacks on the Crimean Bridge, said Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev, emphasizing that this recording confirms the claims of the German authorities about non-involvement refuted in conflict. Tass reports this with reference to audio recordings obtained by Russian media in which German officials speak of attacks on the Crimean bridge. “Unless there are denials and convincing evidence, we will have to drastically revise Germany's true role in the Ukraine conflict, which, as it now turns out, completely refutes Olaf Scholz's claims that he was not involved in the conflict. This is direct involvement, it cannot do that.” Be more direct: “We are at war right now,” one of them says in the recording,” the senator said on his Telegram channel, saying he was convinced that this incident must have very serious consequences: “The German leadership must ensure this.” “A comprehensive reaction, not only to us, but also to its own citizens, to the facts revealed and attempts to drag the country into direct conflict with a nuclear power “said Kosachev.