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“Wash to win”: Stephane Bellavance will clean up TVA

With the arrival of new competition, a clear wind will soon blow over TVA Wash to win, hosted by Stephane Bellavance. Sixteen contestants aged 23 to 63 from across Quebec will compete in various cleaning competitions to win a grand prize of $10,000.

For Stephane Bellavance, this show is a happy mix of seriousness and fun. “The idea of ​​hosting a cleaning competition makes me laugh as I leave. The participants want to win and take it seriously, but we also have a lot of fun.”

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Based at the Mels studios in the Saint-Hubert district of Longueuil, the Wash to Win team competes in its imagination by preparing challenges that will test the madness of the candidates.

Some challenges were borrowed from the international format and improved, others were created directly on site. But nothing will be spared, be it a truckload of plastic dishes to clean, chemical toilets to scrub, white tablecloths to freshen up or a dishwasher to tweak.

“There are three challenges per show every week,” the host explained. First there is a solo challenge. The winner receives a privilege for the next challenge, which is overcome as a team. Then those with the worst performance compete against each other, and at the end of each episode there is at least one contestant who leaves the show.

There are no typical profiles among the candidates, apart from a common point regarding cleanliness. “We have all kinds of people, ages, places of origin and professions. There are people who have cleaning companies that clean and others who wouldn't have thought to sign up but those around them strongly encouraged them to come along. I am really happy with the “casting”. It’s a great team and the bond grows over the weeks.”

The production also took into account people's growing interest in environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly cleaning products. “We have an eco-friendly shelf that contestants have access to that is filled with vinegar, baking soda, salt, lemon, and sometimes we add other things,” explains Stephane Bellavance. In my opinion, just thoroughly cleaning items is a way to extend their useful life and therefore keep them out of the waste or sorting centers.”

Additionally, he would like to point out that everything used in the show was reclaimed and then put to a useful purpose, nothing was thrown away.

Picky judges“Wash to Win” juror Isabelle De Palma.

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“Wash to Win” juror Isabelle De Palma.

To decide whether the challenges are successful or not, two judges examine and analyze the results of each candidate's work. They are Isabelle de Palma, head of a private concierge service, and Louis-Philippe Talbot, head of accommodation at the Ritz Carlton Montreal. The first admits that she has a lot of attention to detail. “We are halfway through filming the season and I am thrilled with all the candidates. Everyone has their own flavor and their own recipe.”

“Wash to Wash” juror Louis-Philippe Talbot.

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“Wash to Wash” juror Louis-Philippe Talbot.

Louis-Philippe Talbot, used to working in the world of luxury, puts things into perspective. “We are here to have fun and we even had to remind the group a few times because the competition was ingrained in the participants. As a judge, I want to be approachable and fair.”

The Wash to Win competition will air on TVA beginning April 8 at 8 p.m.