1676845823 Watch Boca Juniors vs Platense LIVE from Argentina Pro League

Watch Boca Juniors vs. Platense LIVE from Argentina Pro League: 0-0 draw at La Bombonera

Boca Juniors vs Platense TODAY online for free at La Bombonera Stadium. The game corresponds to date 4 of the Argentine Pro League 2023.

Boca Juniors vs Platense LIVE they are measured up to matchday 4 of the Professional League of Argentina 2023. The clash will take place at La Bombonera stadium, with broadcasts on ESPN Premium and ESPN. To make sure you don’t miss this game and more today, follow La República Deportes’ ONLINE coverage, which will bring you up to date with both clubs’ first line-ups, minute report and video compilation of goals.

Boca Juniors vs Platense LIVE

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Confirmed line-up of Boca Juniors

This is the Xeneize starting XI: S. Romero, Advíncula, Valdez, Figal, Sandez, G. Fernández, Varela, E. Fernández, Romero, Merentiel, Langoni. Photo: Boca Juniors

Watch Boca Juniors vs Platense LIVE from Argentina Pro League

Platese confirmed the lineup

This is how the octopus presents itself: Arce, Morgantini, Pignani, Suso, Infante, Rossi, Cacciabue, Baldassarra, Castro, Taborda, Servetto. Photo: Club Atlético Platense

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The team of Hugo Ibarra need a win as soon as possible to move off the bottom of the table. After three games played, they have one win, one draw, one loss and just four points. The Xeneizes are currently marching in box 19. On the other hand, Squid is in 13th place with five units after two draws and one win.

When do Boca Juniors vs. Platense play?

The Boca Juniors vs. Platense game will be played this Sunday, February 19 at 17:15 (Peruvian time) and 19:15 (Argentina time). Check the programming according to your country.

  • Mexico: 4:15 p.m
  • Peru, Ecuador, Colombia: 5:15 p.m
  • Bolivia, Venezuela: 6:15 p.m
  • Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay: 7:15 p.m

What channel can you watch Boca Juniors vs Platense on?

The transmission of Boca Juniors vs Platense It will be responsible for ESPN Premium for the Argentina region and the Star Plus streaming platform for all of South America. Check the schedule here.

  • Argentina: Star Plus, ESPN Premium
  • Bolivia: Star Plus
  • Chile: StarPlus
  • Colombia: Star Plus
  • Ecuador: StarPlus
  • Paraguay: StarPlus
  • Peru: StarPlus
  • Uruguay: Star Plus
  • Venezuela: StarPlus.

How much does Boca Juniors vs Platense cost?

Betsson: if Boca Juniors wins (1.72), draw (3.50), if Platense wins (5.00)
Bet365: if Bopca Juniors wins (1.73), draw (3.60), if Platense wins (5.00).

Boca Juniors vs Platense: possible formations

  • MOUTH JUNIORS: Sergio Rosemary; Luis Advincula, Bruno Valdez, Nicholas Figal, Augustin Sandez; Paul Fernandez, Alan Varela, Equi Fernandez, Oscar Rosemary; Luca Langoni and Michael Merentiel. DT: Hugo Ibarra.
  • PLATE: Ignatius maple; Nicholas Morgantini, Ignatius Vazquez or John Paul Pignani, Gaston Suso, John the Infant; Jerome Cacciabue, Nicolas Castro, Franco Baldassarra, Vincent Taborda, Augustin Alonso or Maximilian Zalazar; Mauro Quiroga or Nicholas Servetto. DT: Martin Palermo.

How is Boca Juniors doing in Argentina’s professional league?

Where are Boca Juniors vs Platense playing?

The venue for this engagement will be the Alberto J. Armando Stadium, better known as La Bombonera. This sports facility, owned by the Xeneize club, can accommodate 54,000 spectators