Watch tournament fishing scammers confronted with their crimes

Watch tournament fishing scammers confronted with their crimes

A zander shocked to hear the news.

A walleye shocked to hear the news.Screenshot: Scott Olson (Getty Images)

Within weeks of learning that the chess world was in turmoil over anal bead-related cheating allegations, we are now faced with yet another massive tournament scandal. And this time it’s broken out of the stinking, steaming bowels of the competitive walleye fishing community.

Walleye Tournament Cheats Have Been Busted! Clear Video (Chase Cominsky, Jake Runyan)

The above video was shot at the fateful moment when a Lake Erie Walleye Trail (or LEWT) tournament judge and a horde of extremely disgruntled competitors caught the two cheaters. Spectrum News, a local Ohio publication, explains that a two-man team, Jacob Runyan of Cleveland and Chase Cominsky of Hermitage, Pennsylvania, were caught Friday “leading the series coming into the final event.” .

You can see how serious all of this is when in the video electric text appears over phone footage of the confrontation announcing that we are about to see the “biggest fish cheating scandal of all time”!

“We have weights in fish!” A man yells as the picture comes into focus. “There you are!”

The crowd roars. “Call the police!” someone screams. “You need to go to jail!” another adds.

The judge stands next to Runyan, who leans over his and Cominsky’s catch of zander and begins gutting the fish. He pulls out lead bullets. A spectator taunts the disgraced would-be champion with poetry inspired by a water muse: “Where’s your crown now?” More lead bullets are extracted as the fish is cut up. Then, in a terrible outrage not dissimilar to finding that a prize bull has been stuffed with hamburgers, the judge pulls pike-perch fillets out of one of the fish.

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Faced with evidence of his crime, Runyan stands blank and gazes down at his tainted catch while everyone around him shouts insults and questions the money he has won in past tournaments.

A Facebook post on Saturday announced the legitimate winners and tournament director Jason Fischer (good last name) solemnly wrote that “all LEWT anglers deserve better”. He has also promised to “make an official statement on the matter to all my LEWT anglers” later tonight. Hopefully this statement will mark an end to this dark chapter in walleye fishing, and the pages of history that these horrific scammers have defaced with their crimes can be ripped out and used to complete an order of fried walleye and greasy fries.

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