We have to skip spring break TVA News

We have to skip spring break! – TVA News

Students whose teachers are affiliated with FAE missed 22 days of school. How will they make up for lost time when they go back to class tomorrow? Mario Dumont has his opinion on the matter.

“In the private sector, no day of school was missed and 60% of schools affiliated to the CSQ missed nine days, which was reimbursable, but in the case of the FAE it is five weeks less per day missed.” I think that in these Schools are a lost year,” claims our columnist.

Tomorrow, Education Minister Bernard Drainville will announce his much-anticipated academic catch-up plan.

“It is certain that behind closed doors these unions are encouraging the government to lower the bar, while private students are willing to do anything, do what they have done during the pandemic and lower the program.” In my opinion, they must we skip spring break at the FAE schools. If that’s not in the plan, I’ll be outraged!” says Mario Dumont.

“We have to give ourselves at least another week and we have one available.” “It would be incomprehensible if we didn't let go,” he repeats.

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