quotWe went different waysquotFinal split in Buckingham tearfully announces it

"We went different ways"Final split in Buckingham: tearfully announces it

There are two members of Buckingham Palace and the English royal family who have gone their separate ways despite the bond. Let’s see who it is.

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The division between the two at Buckingham was particularly evident at the sovereign’s funeral, which took place last September 19.

The Separation at Buckingham

Queen Elizabeth II recently died. In his place, Charles III. with his wife Camilla the throne. Perhaps the subjects never expected Charles to take up the reins and wield his powers at 76. But it happened, although some would have preferred that he abdicated in favor of his son William.

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The latter had a leading role during grandmother’s funeral, next to his father. A role that, however, did not fall to his brother William. At the funeral, which was meticulously organized by the Queen while she was still in the rooms of Buckingham Palace, she saw fit to relegate Harry and his wife to the second row.

The episode that broke her up

The relationship between the two brothers inevitably broke with the departure of Harry, who decided to follow his wife to the States. One episode in particular would have contributed to the separation of Carlo’s two sons.

It was 2019 when the hashtag #WeLoveYouMeghan spread like wildfire. The hashtag was in reference to some statements Markle made during the documentary entitled Harry & Meghan – An African Journey, which was aired on ITV.

During the interview, Meghan first commented on the difficulties of her first pregnancy since then constantly in the spotlight. She told the reporter that it was a real struggle for her and someone at the palace didn’t even ask her how she was.

After hearing those words during the documentary, the royal expert said Charlotte GriffithsWilliam almost burst into tears at Meghan’s statements, despite press reports that the prince was angry. Another famous interview given to Oprah Winfrey. There Meghan admitted that she had even thought of suicide in the fifth month of pregnancy.

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Even if it is said I am very sorry For what happened, today William can only touch the distance with his brother, there will always be a connection with him, adding:

“We don’t see each other as often as we used to because we’re very busy, but I love him very much. Most of the rumors were created from scratch. But as it happens between brothers, you have good days and bad days.