quotWe will not extend the agreementquot Another blow for Chiara

"We will not extend the agreement…" Another blow for Chiara Ferragni

A little less than a month has passed since “Pandoro Gate” and the credibility of Chiara Ferragni it (almost) went up in smoke. The influencer has faced several headaches following the complaint from Codacons over Balocco's charity campaign and, as a result, doubts have been raised about many other initiatives in which Ferragni has participated. But that is not all. Because of these problems, many Brands With whom Chiara has worked over time, they distance themselves from the legal proceedings for fear that the shame of fraud could also fall on them. It is no coincidence that Coca-Cola is one of the many brands that have cut ties with Chiara Ferragni. As Corriere Adriatico reports, there is also a well-known one jeweler from Ferrara, who also decides to stop working with the influencer.

Paolo Bavarelli has been running his “Bavarelli Gioielleria” in the beautiful city of Ferrara for years with passion and dedication and sells Chiara Ferragni brand jewelry in his shop, hoping to attract many customers. Chiara's name is on everyone's lips. But things didn't go as he had hoped. He admits that there were sales and that I Jewels They were sold, but by a woman like Ferragni, who has more than 30 million followers A little more was expected on Instagram: “We are selling the last items with discounts of up to 50%, but once we have finished them, it is not our intention to renew the contract with the Ferragni brand,” says the owner. It must be said that these are not jewels of his own production, but are the result of a collaboration he created with Morellato Necklaces, rings, bracelets and watches. “As a jewelry store, mine was one of the first to join the collaboration,” he adds. We were visited by a Morellato agent who showed some photos and then I filled out a form. I never had a relationship with her,” he says.

“Then we set off very motivated. “In the beginning there was curiosity and it sold well without having to wait in line at the store,” he comments. Then suddenly something went wrong and sales dropped sharply. We have seen some reluctance from consumers. When presented with Ferragni brand products, many actually said that they didn't want them. However, according to Paolo Bavarelli, the poor sales are not related to the scandals in which Ferragni was involved, but there is something else behind it: “You did not properly promote your recent collaboration on social media. And then the price is above average. At 150 euros, the customer must really be prepared to spend such an amount.” The fact is that this collaboration will also end very soon and Chiara Ferragni will be left without another Luxury brand.