1676851352 Weather Cyclone Freddy maximum alert level in Mauritius and Reunion

Weather Cyclone Freddy, maximum alert level in Mauritius and Réunion. Madagascar is threatened by a catastrophe. The situation 3bmeteo

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Cyclone Freddy towards Madagascar could be a disasterCyclone Freddy towards Madagascar could be a disaster

After a short touch the corresponding category 5 with wind speeds of up to 270 km/h Cyclone Freddy maintained and confirmed the Category 4 equivalent into the early hours of last night its extreme danger. It is currently located in the Indian Ocean 870 km from Mauritius and 1100 km from Réunion. According to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, which has already issued warnings Orange alert for both islands Freddy’s trajectory It will fly over the island of Mauritius around midday on Monday, keeping an eye on around 90/100km from the coast, while it will fly around 200km north of Réunion between Monday evening and Tuesday night. Despite the distance, they are expected very strong winds with gusts over 100km/h and storm surges waves up to 10 meters high.

But The biggest concern remains for the large island of Madagascar where Freddy might yet arrive as a Category 2 equivalent. Its landing was scheduled to take place on Wednesday evening southeast of the capital Antanarivo and hit the communities of Mahanoro, Ambodiharina and Andibonara with full force. on this stretch of coast the population density is very highat least 200,000 people are at risk destructive winds of up to 180 km/h or higher while indoors alluvial rain endanger more two million people. Endangered by torrential rains and floods the capital itself of the country Antanarivo. A red high alert has been issued for the entire sector. Freddy will be the strongest storm to hit the nation in decades. According to the experienced meteorologist Franz Nucera There are few such long-lived cyclones that have completely crossed the Indian Ocean coming from Indonesia, the most recent case being Leone in 2000.

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