Weather forecast Scandinavia is in the freezer the high pressure

Weather forecast. Scandinavia is in the freezer, the high pressure area is blocking indefinitely in January 3b weather

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Winter scenarios in EuropeWinter scenarios in Europe

The second decade of January promises to be very cold for Central and Northern Europe due to the descent of air masses of recent arctic origin. This air mass also affects our peninsula, where there will be periods of winter. The weather scenario since mid-January then shows the tendency of the high pressure area positioned between Great Britain and Scandinavia to move backwards towards Greenland, while at the same time new heat flows enter the stratosphere and extend the weak polar vortex phase. There remains uncertainty about developments as it depends on how far west the anticyclone will move. We talk about it in this detailed video

Medium-term forecasts: Our team of meteorologists updates the analyzes twice a week. These are weather forecasts and not specific forecasts: consult them in the 15-day weather trends section.

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