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Weather in Quebec: Dress warmly, it's the coldest day! – The Journal de Montreal

Quebecers will need to wrap up warm if they plan to step foot outside this Friday as it will be the coldest day since the start of winter due to the arrival of an arctic air mass in the province.

On Thursday night, the mercury reached abysmal depths, while cooling sensations could reach minus 40 in certain sectors, including Abitibi.

In southern Quebec, the weather will be generally sunny, but temperatures will drop to minus 13 degrees, with a wind chill of minus 21 degrees in Montreal.

The sun will also be present in the sky in the center of the province, with temperatures, although low, close to seasonal norms, especially in Quebec, where temperatures will be minus 11 degrees.

Areas slightly further north will be colder, according to Environment Canada, with a wind impact of minus 24 in Saguenay and minus 36 in the Laurentides Wildlife Refuge.

On the other hand, certain parts of eastern Quebec will have a mixed weather with sunny weather, clouds and snow depending on the location, but the cold will be there.

The mercury will rise slightly over the weekend, which will be characterized by cloudy weather on Saturday and generous sunshine the next day almost everywhere in Quebec, except Abitibi.

For the next two days, the federal agency expects seasonal temperatures between minus 10 degrees and minus 7 degrees in Montreal and Quebec.