Web forgives Gabriel Medinas mother after Yasmin Brunets chaos at

Web “forgives Gabriel Medina’s mother after Yasmin Brunet’s chaos at “BBB24

Yasmin Brunet and Simone Medina had a difficult relationship during the model's marriage to the surfer

Yasmin Brunet and Simone Medina had a difficult relationship during the model's marriage to the surfer

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Yasmin Brunet caused real confusion in the BBB24 house this Monday 4th after arguing with Davi. The model began to deliberately irritate her brother, and soon the Internet remembered the disagreement between Brunet and Simone Medina, the mother of her exhusband, surfer Gabriel Medina. This time the internet agreed with Simone and even “forgave” her for speaking badly about the model one day.

After Sincerão at BBB, the sister and Davi had an ugly argument. The brother called the blonde “useless” in the game and she responded with insults alongside Leidy Elin. After all the fighting, Yasmin reflected and admitted that she didn't want to stay in the house if Davi wasn't eliminated. The model even called her brother a “psychopath.”

Later, when Davi was sleeping in the room, Yasmin started deliberately slamming the door and turning the lights on and off to disturb him. The model's attitude divided public opinion.

The argument with the exmotherinlaw

Yasmin Brunet was married to the surfer Gabriel Medina. The two stayed together for two years, but in 2022 the relationship ended, among other things because of several controversies with the athlete's family, who did not approve of the relationship. Simone Medina, the surfer's mother, made several statements saying that she was against her son's romance with Yasmin.

Simone's controversial comments include calling the model a “porn actress” and accusing her and her mother Luiza Brunet of abortion. At the time, Yasmin even threatened to sue her motherinlaw.

Yasmin was also involved in chaos during the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, where Medina wanted to fight for the podium. The surfer caused tensions with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) by not allowing his wife to join his entourage.

Web forgives Simone

After the fight this morning on BBB, after Sincerão, the Internet reacted by saying that it now understands Simone Medina and that she has been “forgiven” for the disagreement with Yasmin Brunet. At the time of the conflicts between the Medina family and the Brunet family, many Internet users sided with the model, but now they regret it.

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I like that about Medina's mother

Sorry ma'am, I didn't know you were dealing with a hot preppy with 15 year old syndrome


— . (@fdsmegan)

March 5, 2024

Imagine if she was on the Olympic Committee, Medina's mother was right https://t.co/xSRcIAHl0h


March 5, 2024

Line up to apologize to Medina's mother


JON@S SCCP (@jonasss_sccp)

March 5, 2024

This year's BBB managed to redeem Rafinha Bastos, Graciely Lacerda, Simone Medina and the Brazilian Olympic Committee at the same time.

— Luiz Persechini (@LuizPersechini)

March 5, 2024

Open letter to Dona Medina and COB:

They endured a lot.


Baby Shark Needlepoint 🏹🐺🤏🏾 (@tamboozinha)

March 5, 2024

Yasmin wakes Medina up after he said he could NOT take her to the Olympics



Karina (@viadagi)

March 5, 2024

The Tonhona entered the BBB to reverse the tainted image out here and only managed to exonerate the Medina family, Grande Rio and the like.

Spoiled, immature, moody and useless.


— FeVieira (@Fevieira_s)

March 5, 2024

Medina's mother has to look at the TV and say, “I told you so.”




— Thiago Lira (@el_thiaguinho)

March 5, 2024

Symbols that did not suit Yasmin Brunet:

Olympic Committee

Grande Rio 2023

Medina's mother


Letícia 📿 (@falacmgLele)

March 4, 2024

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