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WFP calls for unhindered access to fight hunger in Haiti

In a statement, the company urged to allow the free flow of food amid ongoing attacks by armed groups on civilians, increasing displacement and unrest in the violence-torn country.

The recent increase in hostilities prevents WFP from reaching more than 370,000 of the Haitians most affected by food insecurity since early February.

According to the text, 44 percent of the country's residents are currently suffering from acute food insecurity and are struggling to feed their families despite the program's efforts to maintain its emergency assistance.

The director of the WFP in the country, Jean-Martin Bauer, assured that the increase in violence has led to the blockage of cargo routes, restrictions on movement and the closure of schools, which has led to the temporary cessation of many of the organization's activities in the entire country.

“We cannot afford to lose ground when 1.4 million Haitians are suffering from famine. “We risk famine for the most vulnerable people if we cannot provide effective assistance,” he warned.

The United Nations agency warned that children were among those most affected by the recent wave of violence and unrest, after school closures left nearly 300 students unable to receive hot meals daily from the WFP and its partners.

For many, this is the only complete meal of the day, the statement said.

Even in Port-au-Prince, the capital, the program was unable to deliver rations to 56,000 people in the Cité Soleil neighborhood, nor food to the central kitchens that served the recently displaced people.

This year, WFP plans to support 2.4 million Haitians through emergency assistance, delivering cash and food rations, as well as school meals and longer-term programs to help Haitians produce their own food.

For its part, the International Organization for Migration estimates that 20,000 people have fled their homes in the Haitian capital since the beginning of 2024 due to gang crackdowns.