What Alianza doesnt want to repeat s a team has

What Alianza doesn’t want to repeat: s a team has lost a tournament after having a lead of 5 or more points

Alianza Lima defeated César Vallejo 2-0 to establish themselves at the top of the Apertura 2023. The blue and white team extended their lead to five points university, his closest pursuer. With 15 points to play, the most intimate have their first option of taking on the first short tournament of the year.

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Although Guillermo Salas’ students have a considerable lead, they still cannot claim victory as there have been instances in recent years where some teams have lost a similar lead in the closing stages of a short tournament and ended up with empty ones hands. Here we tell you the most famous cases.

Graduation 2019

The 2019 Clausura champions were determined in a thrilling final where Alianza Lima retained the title. However, the blue and white were not always the first choice. The sports university basically offered this opportunity. After winning the classic by the smallest difference on day 10, the creams gave La Victoria 5 points.

What Alianza doesnt want to repeat s a team hasAlianza won the 2019 Clasura under the technical direction of Pablo Bengoechea. Photo: GLR

However, in the last eight rounds, Odriozola’s men only scored 11 points out of a possible 24, while his comrades scored 18. Thus, the creams gambled away a considerable advantage; This lost the Clausura and the option to play the final against Binacional.

Opening 2002

Apertura 2002 will be remembered by crème fans because it was achieved by fighting against the current. The Cremes endured one of the worst economic crises in their history with unpaid players and as if that wasn’t enough their biggest rivals managed to sit six points ahead of them after winning the classic on matchday 15 by the smallest margin.

1683965303 677 What Alianza doesnt want to repeat s a team hasMartín Vilallonga scored the 2002 Apertura title goal for Universitario. Photo: GLR

However, the Cremes managed to win their remaining seven games and collect 21 points, while the Blue-Whites conceded three draws and won the remaining four. So they had to determine the Apertura champion in two games. The Meringues won the first game by the smallest margin thanks to a goal from Martín Vilallonga, while the second ended even without a goal. In this way, the Apertura title passed to the U at the expense of its classic rival.